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Open Letter to Activision from Angered Fan

While browsing around the Internet this morning I came across this open letter to Activision from a angered/disheartened fan of Guitar Hero for the Wii. His letter tells of his early anticipation of the game to his utter disgust of the replacement disc claim form.

Here is an excerpt of the letter which appears on SumthingStoopid.com

Yesterday I received a rather curious package in the mail. I wasn’t familiar with the Continental Promotion Group from which the manila envelope was addressed. I opened it up to find that I am yet again getting bent over for making the mistake of owning what was, up until now, a beloved and extremely entertaining game. Now you’re telling me that in order for me to get my replacement I have to send you my physical disk BEFORE you even think about sending me a fully functioning copy? Best case scenario is that I will be without the game for a month? WHAT THE FUCK? I know it probably made sense at the time, but what the shit are you thinking? Am I supposed to still be so stoked about Guitar Hero that, after all the bullshit you’ve put me through, a month without being able to play it at all isn’t going to sour my feelings? I have A.D.D. If I go a month without playing it I’ll probably never pick it up again. I think you have a Gojira sized case of the “my-shit-don’t-stinks”.

The full letter is worth a read… be sure you check it out here.

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