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Mario Kart Wii Character Pics

Here are some pretty cool character images from Mario Kart Wii. Be sure to hit the “continue reading” link below to see the rest of them.




Princess Peach

Princess Peach

12 Responses to “Mario Kart Wii Character Pics”  

  1. 1 sickr

    Wow, that’s some seriously cool looking art work.

  2. 2 Brainiac

    Peach looks pretty badass in that pick although im more of a Dasiy kinda guy

  3. 3 Daniel Foster

    Characters on Mario Karts Wii
    1) Mario
    2) Luigi
    3) Yoshi
    4) Princess Peach
    5) Toad
    6) Bowser
    7) Donkey Kong
    8) Wario
    9) Waluigi
    10) Daisy
    11) Dry Bones
    12) Boo
    13) ROB
    14) Koopa
    15) Baby Mario
    16) Baby Luigi
    17) Bowser Junior
    18) Shy Guy (Multiplayer only)

  4. 4 Elliot

    Boo and Baby peach are in. And it’s rumoured a certain pizza-shaped character might make a return.

  5. 5 Alan V

    I would like to know if it’s confirmed “is Daisy available in Mario Kart Wii?”

  6. 6 Jesse

    Yes. Daisy is int it. But is toadette and birdo in??

  7. 7 Jesse

    Yes. Daisy is in it. Out of the girls i like Birdo, toadette Peach Baby Peach, Dasy. And Guys Koopa, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Is Toadette and Birdo in Mario Kart Wii?

  8. 8 mario bof

    pac man is not in neither is the ghosts from pacman but mametchi (tamicoci charrecter) might be in

  9. 9 cameron

    yahoo boo is in it he is the best character in there
    shy guy is cool two

  10. 10 Efchou

    Toadette is in, watch trailer on mariokart.com/wii and pause when peach gets passed by a mysterious character (toadette) it is her… :) she is in!

  11. 11 T3CHNO_BAB3

    Yes, birdo is in!!! You’ll get her, if you play in ”WFC”-Mode, you must get 250 victories, then you get here!!!(if you play with 12 characters, and you win the game (get 1st), then you have 11 victories)

    The ”extra-characters”, we got so far, are:

    Diddy Kong,
    boo Hoo….

  12. 12 Sir Danny McMythen

    the unlockable characters are toadette, dry bones, daisy, rosalina, baby luigi, funky kong, king boo, dry bowser, birdo and R.O.B

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