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More Minii Accessories On The Way!!

If you were someone who started getting excited at the prospect of the Mini Wiimote & Nunchuck from POWER A announced at E3, then you need to hold onto your pants ‘cuz it’s about to get Mini-Crazy in this bitch!!! GAMEON, the gaming division of Impact Global Solutions, announced a full line of Minii Wii accessories that they are marketing directly towards kids. They are in fact calling them “kid-sized”, so if you’re adult-sized stay the eff away!! They are going a step further than POWER A by releasing the full gamut of Wii accessories, including a Resort Pack which includes an oar, golf club, bow, and any other accessory you may need in WiiSports Resort. I’m interested in seeing how these look and feel; but I’m more interested in the battle for the Mini Wii market that GAMEON and POWER A are about to engage. Is there enough room for both sets on store shelves? I guess that depends on how “mini” they really are. (Side-note: Yes, I know how lame that joke was, I’m the one who wrote it. You don’t think I’m ashamed of it?? I could have deleted it, but I keeps it real with you guys…)

This post is going to be a bit short since I’m still recovering from the stressful past couple of weeks, so right up there I’m giving you some pictures of GAMEON’s line of Minii Accessories. If you’re the kind of person who likes their pictures to move and make sounds, which are what I call “videos”, then check out this featurette on upcoming family party game Guilty Party. It’s a mystery game from Disney owned Wideload Games, and it actually looks pretty fun. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

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