2013 Shanghai sex lingerie show

2013 Shanghai sex lingerie show


In 2013, the Shanghai Info Underwear Show was an unforgettable event.This wonderful event shows the latest sexy lingerie styles, design elements and creative inspiration, and attracts experts and enthusiasts in the sexy underwear industry around the world.

Sexy charm

Sexy has always been one of the unproof elements of sexy underwear.On the show, the models are dressed in a variety of sexy and sexy lingerie styles, showing the beautiful curve and sexy charm of women’s bodies.From lace lace, perspective mesh to glittering decoration, all design elements make every sexy underwear more charming.

Diverse color

Shanghai sex lingerie show is a feast of color.Every year, sexy underwear designers innovate in color and material, creating more visual impact sexy underwear.On this show, from the classic black suit to the dazzling neon sexy underwear, all kinds of colors appear on the model, showing the diverse characteristics of sexy lingerie.

Creative inspiration

Interesting underwear design must not only pursue the coordination of sexy and color, but also requires creative and inspirational elements.In the Shanghai Fun underwear show in 2013, some creative design elements aroused the interest of the audience. For example, add LED lights to underwear, or the patterns and patterns are blended with underwear through perspective.

European and American style

European and American style of sexy underwear is the leader of fashion development.In 2013, there were many European and American style of sexy lingerie styles on the Shanghai Fun underwear Show, such as the use of design elements such as leather, chain, rivets, etc., showing the fashion characteristics of European and American culture.

Asian element

The addition of Asian elements in sexy underwear design has also become one of the trends.Some designers use Asian patterns on underwear, or combine kimono and sexy underwear to further enhance the sense of fashion and uniqueness of sexy underwear.

Sports sexy underwear

Sports sexy underwear is a new design trend.The design of this sexy underwear pays more attention to the sporty and comfort of underwear.At the Shanghai Fun underwear Show in 2013, some manufacturers launched sporty sexy underwear, which not only guarantees the functionality of the underwear, but also takes into account sexy and fashionable.

Men’s sexy underwear

In the past, sexy underwear is usually only a feminine exclusive field.However, in the 2013 Shanghai sex underwear show, men’s sexy underwear also attracted much attention.Some designers use the design concept of women’s sexy underwear into men’s erotic underwear, making the sexy underwear on men more sexy and creative.

development trend

In the erotic underwear industry, innovation and creativity are never stopped.Some design elements displayed on the Shanghai Sex Underwear Show in 2013 will become the trend of future sex underwear design, such as more diversified colors, Asian elements, and male erotic underwear design.


In 2013, the Shanghai Fun Underwear Show showed the latest achievements of the sexy underwear industry, and also revealed the future design direction.Interest underwear is not only the dress of women, but also a lifestyle and a cultural phenomenon.With the continuous development of society, the sexy underwear industry will continue to innovate and create, bringing more surprises and uniqueness to people.

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