Do you have a sex lingerie to go to the field?

Do you have a sex lingerie to go to the field?

Wearing sexy underwear in the wild, it sounds a bit outrageous.However, in some role -playing games, simulation military scene training, and shooting sexy underwear advertisements, this is a very common approach.So, do you wear sexy underwear to the field?Let’s discuss this topic together.

Can we wear sex underwear to deal with the field environment?

Under normal circumstances, the purpose of sexy underwear design is to increase sexuality and stimulation, not to provide protection and support.Therefore, it is not a safe approach to wearing sexy underwear.Wearing a sexy lace vest or chest sticker may not support the weight of the breast, affecting the action and mental state during the activity.

If you have to wear a sexy lingerie, how to choose?

If you really need to wear a sexy underwear to participate in the field, you need to choose as suitable styles as possible.You can choose low -key underwear such as designing simple corset or without sequins, buttons, zippers, etc., so that it will not drag itself during action.In addition, you should choose underwear that can maintain a certain tightness, avoid positioning or fall off.

How to wear fun underwear in the field?

When acting in the wild, try to avoid wearing mint red and gorgeous colors, because these colors are easily discovered by the enemy.Proper choosing dark or near -natural underwear will be more effective to keep confidential for yourself.In addition, you should choose easy to match clothing to maintain the overall style and image.When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the specifications of the underwear, and try to avoid exposing indecent parts.

Wearing sexy underwear for sexy sexuality

Wearing sexy underwear meets sexy requirements.Considering the environment of the field, especially the military -based field, must be appropriate, not too exposed and stimulating the sexual desire of others.Women can choose the line of freshness and nature or lady, and achieve sexy effects by clever matching; men can choose sports or working sexy underwear to meet the actual image needs as much as possible.

Pay attention to the hygiene of sexy underwear

In the wild environment, it is difficult to keep the sanitary underwear.Therefore, before wearing a sexy underwear to participate in the field, be sure to disinfect and clean it.In the wild, you need to pay attention to replace underwear and keep local cleaning in time.

The effect of sexy underwear on psychological state

People wearing sexy underwear may pay more attention to external images, which may affect its psychological state.If the sexy and looseness of sexy underwear is inappropriate, it may affect the action, attention and thinking during the activity.

Activities that affect less sex underwear

In some relatively relaxed activities, such as role -playing, sports meetings, etc., wearing sexy underwear has a small impact on the activity itself. You can choose appropriate sexy underwear according to your needs.

How to wear fun underwear to go to the field?

When wearing a sexy underwear to participate in the field, you need to integrate it into the overall image. Do not let the sexy underwear a shortcoming of the entire image; you need to pay more attention to comfort and safety.Personal hygiene and confidentiality.

in conclusion

It is not a safe approach to wear a sexy underwear, but it may still be necessary for some photography and business activities.When choosing, pay attention to style, comfort and safety, and maintain fresh and low -key, which can effectively reduce unnecessary trouble.

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