Do you have to take off when you make a sexy underwear?

Do you have to take off your underwear?

When you want to do some sex activities, choosing the right sexy underwear may be one of the first things you consider.But do you know if you have to take off them when having sex in underwear?Let’s study this problem in depth.

Understand how to choose

In fact, depending on the type of underwear and your personal preferences, you can decide whether to take off your underwear.For example, some sexy underwear such as lace rabbit girl dress, uniform skirt and other styles, even designed as a stockings suit that can be worn naked.Other sexy underwear, such as silk corset and lace tattoos, have important visual effects, and of course they should not take off them.

Comfortable factor

In addition to personal preferences and interests, you should also consider comfortable factors in terms of health and safety.When performing intense exercise or other violent activities, you may need to take off your sexy underwear to avoid unnecessary suffocation or discomfort.There are also some erotic underwear, such as tight corset or restraint suits, which need to be properly used to avoid being too tight and affecting the normal operation of the body.

What are the difficulty of taking off underwear?

However, sometimes there are some sexy underwear. For various reasons, you need to keep wearing it on your body during the house.For example, some hygiene and safety regulations may require you not to take off underwear on some occasions, or the preferences of both parties make one of them want to continue to wear underwear, while the other can accept this situation.In this case, you need to find that that can not only meet your needs, but also ensure your health and safety.

How to store underwear

Regardless of whether you keep your underwear intact or save storage space, you need to learn how to store underwear correctly.For tight -fitting corsets supported by filaments or elastic steel wires, you need to wash with your hands to avoid damage.It is best to hang them, do not squeeze them together or fold, so as not to leave deep folds.The thicker sexy underwear and restraint suits also need to be stored carefully to avoid damage to its function.When storing, it is also a good choice to use a packaging box for underwear or clean plastic bags for packaging.

Beauty must persist

Whether you plan to wear sexy underwear, the most important thing when you buy is quality.Considering factors such as materials, comfort and maintenance are important prerequisites to ensure your future happiness.If you choose to follow your underwear and follow the correct maintenance suggestions, then you can be sure that your sexy underwear can not only be used for a long time, maintain fresh and comfortable, while adding your beauty and special erotic experience.


In summary, whether to remove sex underwear is also a complete individual and contextualization choice.When choosing sexy underwear, consider the type, comfort, safety and personal preferences of the underwear.Unless necessary, we recommend taking off the erotic underwear during violent activities, and we must be carefully stored to ensure its service life.Finally, keep beauty and comfortable, let us enjoy our sexy underwear and special moments happily!

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