How long will Taobao sex underwear be reviewed?

Introduce Taobao Instead underwear review process

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become a living habit of many people.However, the sales and purchases of sexy underwear need to be reviewed due to their special nature.Merchants selling sexy underwear on Taobao must go through strict audit processes to sell them.The following is the process of Taobao’s nuclear and sexy underwear:

What qualifications need to be submitted?

Merchants need to submit a variety of qualification documents such as business licenses to prove their legal identity before submitting the application of sex underwear to apply.In addition, merchants also need to submit brand license certificates, product quality inspection reports, and certificates related to product -related products.These materials will be used to verify the legitimacy of the merchant and the authenticity of the product during the review period.

How long does it take for the review cycle?

The length of the review cycle depends on the number of submitted documents, the credit of the merchant, and other factors.Generally speaking, the review cycle of sexy underwear takes 2 to 3 working days.However, some complex products or merchants may take longer.

How to view the review progress?

Merchants can log in to the Taobao seller center and enter the review progress page to view the review progress.In addition, merchants can contact the audit staff through Taobao customer service to understand the review progress.

What is the reason for not passing?

The reason why sexy underwear is not approved is usually due to incomplete information submitted by the merchant or because there is a problem with the product itself.For example, no qualified production products, no effective brand authorization certificates, or bad records of products.In addition, the unprepared pictures of Taobao have issues such as infringement of copyright, which may also lead to the failure of sexy underwear review.

How to solve the problem of not being approved?

In response to the incomplete or error of the materials, the merchant can reorganize the submitted materials.If the sex underwear is not approved because of the product problems, the merchant should solve the relevant problems in time and re -submit the application for the review.Merchants can consult Taobao customer service how to improve product content and how to provide more convincing materials.

Do I still need to review after being on the shelves?

After the review, the sex underwear will be sold on the shelves, but it still needs to be reviewed by daily supervision.Whether it is because of the complaints of consumers or because of Taobao, the communication method is the same: the proof of correcting errors and submitting updates.In addition, Taobao will conduct regular review to ensure that the goods meet the standards and check whether the merchant continues to allow the official certification requirements.

What can I do after applying for review?

During the review, merchants can start planning product marketing strategies to ensure that the sexy underwear sold on shelves is high -quality and professional.Merchants can start writing detailed product descriptions, shooting high -quality pictures, and designing eye -catching promotional advertising materials.

in conclusion

In general, the review cycle of sexy underwear takes 2 to 3 working days, but it may last longer in some conditions.Merchants should ensure the qualification certificate and the adaptability of product materials, as well as at the same time inquiring the audit progress from customer service.Merchants should also maintain high -quality product sales and meet the needs of consumers to gain competitiveness in a competitive market environment.

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