The experience of wearing a sex underwear knows


Interest underwear has become a necessary part of modern sex life. Whether in personal fun or in sex games, sexy underwear has a role that cannot be ignored.However, when choosing, purchasing and wearing sexy underwear, many factors need to be considered in terms of preferences, styles, size and quality.So try to share my personal experience.

Purchase of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, a person needs to consider the factors:

Price: related to quality, material and fashion level

Style: specific styles that reflect sexy and charm style

Size: Make sure that the sexy underwear size is consistent with its own figure

Material: Choose high -quality materials as much as possible to make your skin better care.

Dressed in sexy underwear

Everyone needs to know how to wear erotic underwear to leave a deeper and lasting impression on outsiders.

Pay attention to underwear size

Wearing a suitable erotic underwear, the contour of the human body is more beautiful.It is very important to choose the right size.In particular, individual styles of these underwear are usually small, please pay attention to the size.

Hold down

Gesture, mentality, and overall feeling are very important for sexy underwear. They not only affect the beauty of underwear, but also affect the feeling and beauty of the whole person.Therefore, you need to pay attention when you match it. To choose a simple and generous style, it is best to avoid too many patterns or colors.

Pay attention to accessories

The charm of sexy underwear will be more wonderful because of matching supplies.For jewelry, socks and shoes, choose simple and classic styles as much as possible, rather than ever -changing style.

The most popular model

Here are several very popular types:

A chest sticker underwear: It is a very small model, the coverage is only enough to cover the chest;

Bikini underwear: It is a small model that is usually used in some strange fashion activities and personal interest activities;

Light and light stockings: It is the most pattern and charm in all sexy underwear, which is used to decorate the lines of legs and hips.

Falling underwear maintenance

After use, maintenance is a link that cannot be ignored.


Most of the sexy underwear is very fragile. To avoid excessive exposure and machine washing, you must wash your hands and dry them in a cool place.


When storing sexy underwear, you should be carefully stacked to avoid kneading them together.It is best to use the box, but it is better to put some dehumidifiers in the box.

Experience on Zhihu

Knowing is one of my favorite social platforms, and also a place where I understand love underwear in depth.In Zhihu, I read posts, comments, suggestions, purchasing guidelines and evaluations about sexy underwear from various sources.These articles provide various experiences and knowledge to make my purchase more convenient and more purposeful.Therefore, I strongly recommend that every sexy underwear enthusiasts find resources and help on Zhihu.


Interest underwear has become one of the necessary products in modern sex. It is very important to understand their types, styles and purchasing skills.At the same time, in terms of dressing and maintenance, it also needs to follow some suggestions and precautions.By looking for more resources and experience on knowledge, and actively participating in the discussion, we can better understand love underwear and make our sexual life and personal taste more perfect.

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