Vacuum sex lingerie exposure

What is authentic and sexy jelly

Vacuum sexy underwear is a sexy underwear. As the name implies, the underwear is fitted with the skin through inhalation, which can produce the effect that can fit the chest fitting and form a mimetic feeling.This underwear is usually composed of two cups and a compressed pump. When the pump is started, the cup will inhale and wrap the breast like a vacuum.

The advantages of vacuum sex lingerie

One of the advantages of vacuum sex lingerie is strong wearing.They are breathable and are usually suitable for most people.In addition, this underwear can increase interest and excitement during sex, allowing people to enter the orgasm faster.

The disadvantage of vacuum sex lingerie

Some people think that the effect of lively and sexy underwear is too short, and may have discomfort after long -term use.In addition, wearing lively sexy underwear needs to be correctly followed, otherwise there may be the risk of lingerie cups.

How to wear a vacuum sex underwear correctly

First of all, you should choose the size suitable for your body.Then put the cup on the chest and put the cup on the chest, pay attention to follow the instructions.If it is not followed, it will cause the air to enter, and the cup will fall off and cannot be used normally.If you are a novice, it is best to test whether the strength of the inhalation is appropriate first.Once a good fit is in place and this lively sexy underwear is worn in the right way, it will have a very attractive effect.

How to clean the real fun underwear

It is recommended to use warm water and neutrophils for cleaning to avoid rubbing and excessive stretching for a long time.Do not expose the underwear in the sun to dry it. You should hang it in a ventilated place.In addition, do not mix underwear with other clothes to avoid wear and deformation of underwear cups.

Applicable crowd of vacuum sex lingerie

Vacuum erotic underwear is suitable for those who want to increase interest and sexual stimuli, as well as those who want more perfect chest shapes.In addition, for those who have not been suffered from big breasts, this underwear may not be very helpful.

History of vacuum sex lingerie

Vacuum sex lingerie was first launched by Gottlieb and Lena in 2001.Because there was no molding market at the time, this underwear did not immediately become a explosive product.However, the vacuum erotic underwear that appeared in some sex movies attracted a lot of attention and quickly became a popular product.

Is vacuum sexy underwear safe

Vacuum erotic underwear is relatively safe after being worn correctly, but there are still some potential risks.For example, too long may affect blood flow, and even cause breast tissue damage.In addition, if it is not used in description, the underwear cup may fall off and even cause a dangerous accident.Therefore, you must pay attention to safety when using lively sexy underwear.

The price of vacuum sex lingerie

Vacuum sex lingerie is very different, some are relatively cheaper, and some are relatively expensive.The price is related to materials. Some underwear materials are high in quality, fine processing, and relatively high prices.However, for those who are pursuing high performance and quality, the expensive price may only be logical.

Whether vacuum sex lingerie is suitable for daily wear

Although the lively and sexy underwear is very sexy and attractive, they are not suitable for wearing on daily occasions.This underwear is too tight, and it may be discomfort or even hurt the body if we wear too long.In addition, vacuum erotic underwear is not suitable for wearing in the working environment, because they may affect your image and even violate the company’s dress requirements.

in conclusion

In general, vacuum sex lingerie is a charming sexy underwear, but it needs to be worn and used with caution.Read the instructions in detail before use, and choose the correct underwear according to your own size.Cherish your health and safety, and you can be sexy and safe after you wear it correctly.

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