Variety shows for sex underwear


In recent years, the market share of variety shows has gradually increased, especially for more and more programs involving fashion, beauty, food, health and other fields.However, in the field of erotic underwear, there is still a lack of a program of entertainment, fun and professionalism.Therefore, this article will explore how to make a variety show of the world’s popular and popular sexy underwear.

Player interview session

The program first requires the player’s interview. This is the key step of screening players.Players must have a certain interesting underwear knowledge and wearing skills, and at the same time have good appearance, figure, and expressiveness.Therefore, the program can invite some well -known sexy underwear brands or professional institutions to be responsible for the interview link of the players to ensure the quality of the players.

Player skills link

Next is the player’s skill link.Players need to show the wearing skills of various sexy underwear, including various materials, styles, styles, etc.There should be multiple small tasks in this session. For example, players need to complete a model show task within the specified time, or choose 10 sexy underwear that meets a certain occasion within 10 minutes.

Sex underwear design challenge link

Good erotic underwear not only needs to look beautiful, but also needs to be uniquely designed, in line with the principles of ergonomics, while taking into account comfort and practicality.Therefore, this program should also set up a challenge for the design challenge of the sexy underwear. Professional designers should be invited to provide design tasks and guidance. Players need to complete the design and production of a sexy underwear within the specified time, cut off, knitted and other steps. FinallyDisplay design works.

Historical story commentary link

Interest underwear is not just a kind of clothing, but also represents human culture and historical background.Therefore, this program should add historical stories to commentary, invite relevant experts to introduce the development history and cultural connotation of sexy underwear, and increase the viewing and knowledge of the show.

Player interactive link

The interactive link of the players allows the players to understand and communicate with each other, and increase the fun and emotionality of the show.You can arrange team tasks, such as makeup or clothes change, etc., or you can also introduce small games or necessary self -introduction.

Jury review link

The comment session of the judges is a very important part of the show.The judges need to have the background and rich experience in the underwear industry, and at the same time, they also have a good judgment, professional standard, and affinity.The judges should comprehensively and fair scores on the performance of the players, and provide appropriate suggestions and opinions to promote the growth and progress of the players.

Wonderful tidbits

In the shooting of the show, there are many fun, interesting and exciting tidbits, which can be made into a wonderful tidbits.This link allows the audience to better understand the production process behind the scenes and increase the audience’s sense of participation and favorability.

Wonderful moment of retrospective

In order to make the event more exciting and more infectious, the producer can open an instant review link, compare the growth and change, deep memory between players, and the links that have attracted much attention to produce instant reviews, causing the audience to resonate with emotion.

in conclusion

A successful sexy underwear variety show requires comprehensive elements such as comprehensive players, design, history, judges, wonderful tidbits to truly gain the love and recognition of the audience.At the same time, in the production process, it is necessary to pay attention to details, standardize processes, improve quality, create excellent programs that meet market demand, and truly realize the value of the program.

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