Watermarks when you tear up the sexy underwear

Watermark of sex underwear

Sex underwear has become more and more popular now, and has become the choice of many people.However, some people found that the watermarks they purchased were left with a watermark.This problem becomes more and more frequent among consumers, so why did this happen?

Source of watermark

The main source of watermarks is not the sexy underwear itself, but the humidity and temperature during transportation.In the process of production, sexy underwear may bring some water. If the water volatilizes is incomplete due to improper temperature and humidity during the transportation process, watermarks will be left on the underwear.

How to avoid watermarking

So, how to avoid sexy underwear and leave watermarks?The first thing to do is to keep dry.After purchasing, you should take out the underwear and dry it in time, and then put it on until the underwear is completely dry.Secondly, when storing underwear, you should avoid humidity and high temperature environment, and you can choose to store with good ventilation wardrobes.

Falling underwear material

The material of sexy underwear is also a factor in leaving watermarks.Under normal circumstances, special film materials are used, which can effectively maintain the water and waterproofness of the underwear.Therefore, if the sexy underwear purchased is incorrect, watermark is also prone to watermark.

Choose high -quality sexy underwear

If you leave the watermark when you tear up the sexy underwear you buy, you should contact the merchant for retreat as soon as possible.In order to avoid this situation, we recommend choosing a guaranteed brand and business to buy sexy underwear to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Pay attention to cleaning care

Not just sexy underwear, everyone should pay attention to cleaning and care when using underwear.In terms of cleaning, you can use a special underwear cleaning solution and avoid washing machines for washing.When storing, the underwear can be placed in a wardrobe with good breathability, while avoiding superimposition and squeezing.

The relationship between sexy underwear and sex

Interest underwear is no longer a simple underwear, it contains more things.It is a psychological game that can add interesting life and make couples closer.At the same time, sexy underwear also has other benefits related to sex, such as enhancing women’s self -confidence and self -worth.Therefore, buying good erotic underwear can not only improve our sexual life, but also promote healthy development.

The secret of sexy underwear

Interest underwear can be said to be a "secret weapon" for women. It is hidden in underwear, but it can bring you unlimited happiness.It gets rid of the monotonous and boring style of ordinary underwear, becoming colorful, and different styles and colors are dazzling.For men, knowing how to choose sexy underwear is also a kind of art used to please women.


All in all, the problem of watermarks of sexy underwear is not just a problem with the underwear itself. The temperature and humidity during transportation are also a influencing factor.For consumers, buying high -quality brands and sexy underwear for merchants, paying attention to cleaning and care is a good way to avoid watermarking watermarks.Interest underwear can make couples closer and enhanced self -confidence. It is a very good sexual behavior auxiliary tool.Before buying, you must do a good understanding and comparison in order to buy a suitable sexy underwear.

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