What are the brands specializing in sexy underwear?

What are the brands specializing in sexy underwear?

In recent years, with the lifting of sexual culture and people’s desire for pornographic culture, the sexy underwear market has gradually risen.Some brands have gradually shifted to sexy underwear and other sex products, focusing on providing people with different dress experiences.Today, let’s take a look at the existence of those brands that specialize in sexy underwear.

1. Aestheticism

Aestheticism is a brand launched in Belgium.The founder of the brand wants to feel the beauty and sexy of the underwear design through its own innovative design.Their design concept is to convey a self -confidence and sexy option for women.Aesthetic mainly productive appearance and sexy underwear.

2. Romantic truffle

Romantic truffle is another brand that represents sexy underwear.The brand pays more attention to the curve and matching style of women’s figure in design.Their design concept is to establish different sexy underwear, so that women can have more choices in the concept of underwear.

3. Smile gene

Smile gene is already a very well -known brand.Their design concept is to combine the art of cultural relics and modern elements to create a very unique sexy underwear.There are many sexy lingerie styles in smiling genes. From noble embroidery styles to simple shirt style, each underwear is unique.

4. Ji Shiman

Ji Shiman is a brand founded in France.The brand is committed to providing sexy underwear with high -level design and process manufacturing.Ji Shiman has been at the forefront of fashion in terms of fabrics and design. Through its innovative design concepts and popular styles, women can fully show their unique temperament.

5. Worry -free baby

Worry -free baby is a more well -known brand in China.The brand mainly produces interesting and exciting sexy underwear.The design concept of Worry -free baby is to provide a surprisingly changing underwear style, so that women’s sexy and cuteness will be released here.

6. Aililer

Ailoer is a brand that produces sexy underwear. It mainly uses embroidery and lace as the main design element, creating a high -level sexy and beautiful feeling.The design of turning the complexity highlights the curve and beauty of women’s figure, and increases the confidence and charm of women.

7. Shishang

Shishang is a very popular sexy underwear brand.The concept is to fully express the sexy and self -confidence of women, and find a unique personality in each woman.Shishang provides a variety of styles, from sexy to realistic, to animal patterns.They are committed to providing a perfect underwear experience for all women, so that every woman is more confident in self -expression.

8. Beibei Bear

Beibei is a veteran in China’s sex underwear market and has been in the market for a long time.Beibei’s design concept is to let each woman know herself better when wearing underwear.In their fun underwear, different design and styles can be found. Consumers can choose underwear that suits them according to their preferences and personality.

9. Playboy

Playboy is a more old brand.In addition to the well -known Playboy men’s clothing, they are also committed to providing special girls.Playboy’s sexy lingerie style is very unique, and at the same time pay attention to the combination of comfort and fashion, making women comfortable and beautiful.

10. Sai Ulliya

Sai Ulliya is another brand that pays great attention to comfort, and is also one of the brands that are fully focused on providing sexy underwear manufacturing.Their underwear has a wide range of underwear, good quality, moderate price, and is very deeply loved by a group of consumers.

These brands are very good sexy underwear brands. They not only pay attention to design styles, but also pay attention to the quality and comfort of the product.The existence of these brands also increases the degree of freedom of women in the choice of underwear, so that they have more opportunities to choose to show themselves.

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