What are the qualifications for Taobao to open a fun underwear store?

What qualifications do you need to open Taobao sex underwear stores?

With the importance of people’s health, the sexy underwear market is gradually maturing.More and more people have begun to pay attention to the sexy underwear industry, and many people want to open a sexy underwear shop on Taobao.So, what qualifications do Taobao sex underwear stores need?Let’s find out below.

Taobao business license

First of all, opening Taobao sex underwear stores requires a business license.Even if a small online shop is opened on Taobao, the seller needs to have its own business license.The seller also needs to apply for tax registration certificate from the State Taxation Bureau and pay relevant taxes and fees on time.

Domestic brand qualification certification

If you want to sell domestic brand’s sexy underwear on Taobao, sellers need to have domestic brand qualification certification.The domestic brand qualification certification refers to a brand that has been certified and registered by relevant national departments, and can enjoy many policy support.After obtaining the certification, it helps sellers to increase sales on Taobao.

Overseas brand authorization book

If you want to sell the sexy underwear of overseas brands on Taobao, the seller needs to have an overseas brand authorization book.Overseas brand authorization books are a contract document. After the recognition and signature of overseas brands, the seller can act as an agent to sell the brand’s sexy underwear.The authorization book needs to be clear about the time of authorization, sales area and sales products.

Brand authorization certificate

The brand authorization certificate is a certificate of authorization of authorized sellers by the brand.Some brands require sellers to provide a brand authorization certificate to apply for opening a store and sell products on the Taobao platform.Brand authorization certificates can reflect detailed information such as the scope, validity period, and authorization method of authorization.

Account Banking Qualification

The seller opens a Taobao sex underwear store and needs a bank card as a settlement account.Account banks need to meet the requirements of local bank account opening and provide relevant documents, such as ID cards, business licenses, tax registration certificates, etc.

Protect consumer equity qualifications

As a sexy underwear seller, sellers need to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.This includes return, refund, quality assurance, and so on.Sellers can apply to a third -party platform to apply for the qualification certificate to protect the rights and interests of consumers through a variety of channels to enhance their credibility in the minds of consumers.

Follow the industry dynamics

As a special industry, sexy underwear will be different in market policies and regulations. The seller needs to pay attention to the relevant industry dynamics at all times to timely adjust its own business methods and strategies.Only with the pace of industry development can we occupy a place in fierce market competition.

Regular channel procurement supply

Interest underwear is a special product. When purchasing, the seller needs to choose formal channels to purchase.Counterfeiting and inferior products are not safe, it is easy to affect consumers’ health, and it will affect the credibility of the seller. Therefore, it is necessary to choose large and professional procurement channels.

Good customer experience

Sex underwear is a product of sexual and emotional relationship, so sellers should provide consumers with a high -quality shopping experience as much as possible.For example, delivery speed, after -sales service, quality assurance, etc., they need to be handled properly.A good customer experience can increase consumer loyalty and cultivate a good reputation of mouth and ears, which will help sellers to expand a greater market share.


In addition to the above qualifications and requirements, opening Taobao sex underwear stores also requires sellers to have relevant experience and skills.As a seller, we must always pay attention to industry dynamics and user needs, adjust business strategies, and provide consumers with better service and better shopping experience, so as to stand out in fierce competition and achieve their own business value.

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