What are the qualifications for TB sex underwear?

The legitimacy of TB sex lingerie

As one of the largest domestic e -commerce platforms in China, TAOBAO (hereinafter referred to as "TB") has been sought after by many users since its launch.But can these sexy lingerie be legally sold?

Fun underwear positioning

As a sexual product, sexy underwear is relatively sensitive.In domestic laws and regulations, there is no real "sexy underwear" regulations.Therefore, like other adults, the sales of sexy underwear need to be regulated in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

TB sex underwear’s license requirements

According to the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, the production and sales of TB sex underwear need to be obtained by the "Special Equipment Manufacturing License" issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the "Special Equipment Safety Logue Use License".At the same time, it is necessary to hold various relevant certificates such as measurement and certification, electromagnetic compatibility certification, safety certification, environmental protection certification, etc.Therefore, TB sex underwear needs to be sold on the shelves, and you need to get the recognition of these licenses.

TB sex underwear sales license

According to the "Announcement of the Industrial and Commercial Administration of the People’s Republic of China", it is necessary to obtain documents such as "Cultural Business License", "Fire Safety Certificate", and "Pinnal Product Certificate" in order to produce or sell it from affectionate supplies.Therefore, TB sex underwear sales need to obtain these certificates.

Independent packaging and instructions

When selling sexy underwear in TB, merchants also need to meet the state -related health care regulations. The sexy underwear that affect pregnant women must marked risk prompts and taboos on packaging and instructions to ensure that relevant users know.At the same time, in order to avoid being damaged during transportation, it is necessary to carry out warranty in accordance with the quality protection period.

Product design and quality control of sexy underwear

As a sexual product, the product design and quality control are very rigorous.Merchants need to classify the product, and their raw materials, production processes, and quality control must be reviewed and certified in the relevant departments before they can be sold on TB.Otherwise, the behavior of merchants will be considered illegal.

Merchant’s reputation rating

TB has a complete reputation rating system. It is not equal to sexy underwear merchants. It also needs to give different evaluations based on the merchant’s sales records, payment records, refund records, etc. to ensure the user’s purchase experience and rights.

User’s purchase suggestion

When choosing to buy sex underwear, users can choose to obtain related certificates and qualifications for purchases. At the same time, they should also pay attention to factors such as merchants’ credibility, product size, style and other factors, and fully understand the relevant risk prompts and instructions.

The benefits of legal operation for the industry

If the TB sex lingerie industry can legally operate, it will greatly improve the quality of goods and protect the interests of users. At the same time, it can also standardize the industry and make it a healthier and positive market environment.This will play a positive role in the development of the industry, the health of the user, and the reputation of the merchant, and inject more vitality and opportunities into the industry.

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