What documents do I need to open a store in Taobao?


In today’s Internet era, opening a sexy lingerie Taobao shop has become a trend.Because sexy underwear is a sexual supplies category, you must meet a certain document requirements to open a store.If you want to open a sexy lingerie Taobao shop, the following will introduce you in detail which documents and related precautions you need.

Business license

The first step in opening a sex lingerie Taobao store is to apply for a business license for industrial and commercial registration.The business license is a necessary certificate to issue any company or store, which proves that you have an independent legal identity and business right.

Tax registration certificate

In addition to a business license, you also need to apply for a tax registration certificate.The tax registration certificate is a legal certificate issued in accordance with the legal regulations of the tax authority, and it includes signing certification and seal issued by the State Taxation Bureau.If you want to run a sexy lingerie Taobao store, it is necessary to apply for a tax registration certificate.

Organization Code Certificate

The organization code certificate is one of the necessary documents to establish corporate legal person status promulgated by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

safety production license

If you are operating a sexy lingerie Taobao store, it also involves manufacturing or sales of sex products, then it is essential to apply for a safe production license.Safety production permits are issued to enterprises, organizations and other operators after being certified by the national security supervision and management department, which proves that it meets the national requirements on production safety.

Import and export permit

If you want to operate foreign sexy underwear brands, you need to apply for import and export permits.Import and export permits are issued to the operating unit by the import and export management agencies in accordance with the premise of complying with the regulations on the management of import and export products in accordance with the regulations of the national import and export product management regulations, so that the enterprise’s normal import and export business activities.

Advertising approval approval

In the process of running a sexy lingerie Taobao store, it is usually necessary to advertise to attract customers.It should be noted that all advertisements must be approved first.When applying for a business license, merchants can apply for advertising approval at the same time.

Food business license

If the sexy lingerie Taobao store contains some sex products, food or creamy items that can be edible or used directly, you need to apply for a food business license to the local market supervision and administration bureau to operate legally.

Intellectual property permit

The Taobao shop needs to apply for an intellectual property permit to ensure that the products you operate will not be plagiarized or infringed by others.When registering trademarks and patent applications, the application of intellectual property permits can be merged into it, which saves time and effort.

Certificate of capital account account opening

The last necessary document is a certificate of account opening.By opening a capital account, you can legally include income into your account and have the qualifications to legally enter and exit accounts.


Before opening a sexy underwear Taobao store, merchants must ensure that they apply for all the necessary documents and licenses.The process of applying for a certificate may be more troublesome, and the application process in each region may be different.But only with all legal documents can your shop operate normally and be officially protected.As long as you work hard to ensure that you can successfully apply for all the necessary documents, then you can smoothly sell sexy underwear products and get the trust and support of customers.

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