What does the open crotch of sexy underwear mean?

What is the open crotch of sexy underwear?

The open crotch of the erotic underwear refers to the special design that is exposed to the private parts with zipper, buttons or hook buckles.With its "vibrant" design style, the open crotch sex lingerie has been loved by many women, and has become an indispensable part of their interesting life.Open crotch sex lingerie can show the traits of "sexy", "teasing", and "slutty", and naturally capture the hearts of many male users.

Different types of sexy lingerie open crotch style

There are various styles and colors of open crotch sex lingerie. Each clothing has its unique design to meet women’s own needs and preferences.Among them, the most common open crotch styles include: crotch, butterfly crotch, heart -shaped crotch, semi -open crotch, full open crotch and so on.While buying open crotch sexy underwear, you also need to reasonably select the size and style according to the characteristics of your personal figure to ensure the better -handed effect of clothing.

The comfortable performance of the open crotch sex lingerie

As we all know, sexy and sexy lingerie styles are often rich in "itchy insects"; and open crotch styles are easily misunderstood and will bring "uncomfortable" pictures to private parts. In factFor the right style, choose the appropriate size open -crotch erotic underwear, you will feel the comfort of wearing ordinary underwear.

Open crotch sex underwear wear occasion

The difficulty of open crotch sex lingerie, sexy, and teasing, has made it a must -have equipment for many women’s sexual life.In addition, on special occasions such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc., the choice of women’s clothes will also unconsciously turn to open crotch sex underwear, in order to help them increase personal charm and confidence, and get more attention.

The material of the open crotch sex lingerie

When choosing to open the crotch sex underwear, material is a very important factor.Generally speaking, the better the underwear material, the more comfortable it is wearing, and it feels more smooth and soft, and the texture is better. Therefore, it is best to choose an open crotch erotic underwear made of natural materials such as cotton and silk.In addition, most materials also contain elastic fiber, which can be served, so that you can perfectly show your beautiful curve at any time.

How to choose the open crotch sex underwear that suits you

When choosing to open the crotch sex underwear, you must consider your body shape, preferences, and purpose.First of all, pay attention to the choice of size to ensure that the underwear is comfortable, neither tight nor too large.Secondly, you need to choose the texture and color that suits your skin tone and skin texture.In addition, choose different styles and styles according to the occasions of wearing to show your most beautiful side.

The benefits of opening crotch sex lingerie

Open crotch erotic underwear has many benefits for physical and emotional health.First of all, it can increase sexual interests, enhance mood, and enhance emotional communication and interaction between husband and wife.Secondly, open crotch erotic underwear can stimulate women’s more self -confidence and self -feelings, thereby increasing the charm and temptation of women.In addition, wearing open crotch sex underwear can make women pay more attention to their health and maintain a high -quality sex life.

Maintenance method of opening crotch sex lingerie

The maintenance method of open crotch sex lingerie is similar to the maintenance method of other underwear. You need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Wash your hands as much as possible; 2. Do not use a brush or other items;Wash with other clothing; 5. Try to use neutral detergent.These measures can avoid the deformation or damage of opening the crotch and sexy underwear, and extend the life of the underwear.

The price range of open crotch sex lingerie

The price of open crotch sex lingerie will be affected by various factors such as fabric prices and brands, styles, and popularity.Generally speaking, the price of ordinary open crotch sex underwear on the market is between tens of yuan and hundreds of yuan, and the price of high -end brand open crotch erotic underwear may be higher.When buying, comprehensive considerations are needed to combine their own needs, actual use and economic strength.

in conclusion

Open crotch erotic underwear is a necessary accessories that perfectly presented women’s figure curves and is also an essential accessory to add sex life.Although there are all kinds of benefits, we need to be cautious to ensure that you choose the open crotch erotic underwear that is suitable for your body and occasions to avoid inconvenience and discomfort.

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