What happened to men when buying sexy underwear

Men’s trend of buying sexy underwear

In the past, sexy underwear was exclusive to women. It is generally believed that only women can wear sexy underwear in bed.However, men are now buying sexy underwear.This is a global trend, and the number of men buying sexy underwear is increasing year by year.In this article, we will analyze the reasons and trends of men’s purchase of sexy underwear.

Anti -traditional concept

Why do men start buying sexy underwear?On the one hand, this is a manifestation of anti -traditional concepts.Men no longer think that only women have the right to wear sexy underwear.Men want to emphasize their charm and sexy, so more and more men choose some sexy underwear to enhance their charm.

Shape self -confidence and sexy image

Another reason for men to wear sexy underwear is to shape confidence and sexy image.Wearing sexy underwear makes men feel more confident and the body is more sexy.This self -confidence and sexy will be passed on to the people around you to enhance the charm of men.

Emphasize personality and gender characteristics

Men’s purchase of sexy underwear can also make their personality more prominent and emphasize their gender characteristics.After men put on underwear, their body lines are more prominent, making them more gender.This is one of the important reasons for men to buy sex underwear to buy sex underwear.

The rise of emerging markets

With the development of the global economy, the sex underwear market is also growing.Emerging markets in various countries and regions are rising, and the proportion of men’s purchase of sexy underwear is also rising.At the same time, more and more brands have launched male sex lingerie series, making market choices more diverse.

Improvement of quality and materials

With the continuous progress of technology and technology, the quality and materials of sexy underwear are constantly being updated and improved.The current sex underwear is not only more comfortable to experience, but also optimize the breathability and steaming ability.Therefore, men do not need to worry about discomfort and unhygiel when buying sexy underwear.

The time for men to buy sexy underwear

Men have a lot of opportunities when buying sexy underwear.For example, birthdays, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. are the popular timing of men to buy sexy underwear.In addition, men can also wear their favorite erotic underwear in more special and romantic occasions, such as travel, dating, vacation, etc., bringing surprises and beautiful memories to the other party.

Men’s choice of sexy underwear

There are many types of men’s choice of sexy underwear.For example, there are various styles of sexy underwear, belts, vests, jackets, etc. in adult products stores.Men can choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their own shape, skin tone, hairstyle and taste.

Falling underwear wearing skills

When men wear sexy underwear, they also need to master some skills.First of all, choose a size that suits you to avoid affecting the comfort of wearing; second, you need to pay attention to your hygiene before you wear to avoid affecting the health of sex. Finally, choose the appropriate matching method according to the occasion when you wear it to avoid embarrassing scenes.Appear.

Understand your needs

When buying sexy underwear, men must understand their needs.Don’t buy blindly, don’t over -pursue sexy and lose your style.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your style, temperament and image.


Men’s purchase of sexy underwear is an emerging trend, keeping pace with the times.The main reasons for men’s purchase of sexy underwear include anti -traditional concepts, shaping self -confidence and sexy images, emphasizing individuality and gender characteristics, the rise of emerging markets, improvement of quality and materials, the timing of men’s purchases of sexy underwear, the type of sexy underwear, the sex of the sexy underwear, the fun of the sexy underwearUnderwear wearing skills and so on.When buying sexy underwear, men should understand their needs, choose sexy underwear that suits them, and do not blindly pursue and lose their style.

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