What is the jumping egg when buying a sexy underwear?

What is a jumping egg in sex underwear?

The jumping eggs in sexy underwear are also called vibration eggs or vibration eggs.Jumping eggs are a small electric massage device, which are usually used in sex games or fun activities.It can be placed in underwear, underwear or other sex toys to stimulate sensitive areas and improve sexual experience.

Type of egg jumping

There are many types of jumping eggs.Among them, "one -time" and rechargeable jumping eggs are the two most popular types.One -time jumping eggs are usually not durable, but the price is relatively cheap.They are usually connected to the controller, and they have a lot of noise.Charging egg jumping eggs are another choice that can be reused, the power is lasting, and the volume is small, which is convenient to carry.

Material of jumping egg

The main material of jumping eggs is silicone and ABS plastic.Silicone is a safe material that is suitable for the touch of human skin.ABS Plastic is widely used because of its strength and waterproof performance. It is completely toxic and is safe to the human body.In addition, some jumping eggs are also equipped with brass, which can not only increase weight, but also improve the vibration effect.

How to use jumping eggs?

When using jumping eggs, first connect the jumping egg and the remote control, and put the jumping eggs into the sensitive area of the underwear or underwear.Open the remote control and gradually adjust the vibration mode and frequency to achieve the best stimulus effect.After use, the jumping egg should be cleaned and stored in a dry place.

Tips for maintaining jumping eggs

In order to extend the life of the jumping egg, it should be given appropriate maintenance.When using, you should try to avoid bending or pulling the jumping eggs.After use, you should clean the jumping egg in time.Wash the dirt on the jumping egg with water and detergent, and dry it with a dry soft cloth.

How to choose jumping eggs?

When choosing a jumping egg, you need to consider some important factors.The first is material and size.In order to ensure the safety and comfort of jumping eggs, it is necessary to choose the design of ergonomics and try to use non -toxic and odorless materials.Followed by brand and quality.When buying jumping eggs, you should choose a brand with good reputation, and pay attention to its quality and performance to ensure your safety and experience.

Advantage of jumping

Jumping eggs are a special thing in sexy underwear.Use jumping eggs can greatly improve sexual experience.The vibration effect of jumping eggs can stimulate nerve endings in sensitive areas, and users can reach higher orgasm.In addition, the volume of egg jumps is small, which is convenient for carrying and storage.

Disadvantages of dancing

There are some shortcomings in jumping eggs.Some cheap jumping eggs are poor in quality, high noise, low frequency, and are not easy to use.In addition, the use time for jumping eggs is usually short, and it needs to be charged or replaced frequently.Finally, some jumping controllers may be damaged due to circuit failure or water invasion, and they need to be repaired or re -purchased.


Unless there are clear local laws, jumping eggs is legal.However, while using jumping eggs, it should be prohibited from being used in public to prevent unnecessary harassment and disputes on others.

No matter what you do, you must ensure safety

Although jumping eggs is an interesting toy, you must be careful when using to ensure your safety.Please select high -quality and non -toxic jumping eggs, and follow the instructions for usage.In addition, you need to clean the jumping eggs in time and store it in a dry place.Finally, you need to ensure that jumping eggs do not cause unnecessary public places harassment or disputes.


Jumping egg is an interesting erotic underwear that can greatly improve sexual experience.When choosing a jumping egg, we should consider key factors such as materials, brands and quality.When using jumping eggs, you must be careful and obey the instructions and maintenance requirements to ensure your safety and experience.

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