What is the name of sending sex underwear?

What is the name of sending sex underwear?

It is a surprising and exciting way to give a partner’s sexy underwear, and it is also a way to enhance gender relationships.Different couples have different choices, some people like lace, and some people prefer leather.And in this case, how should we call these small gifts that follow?

1. Sexy underwear gift box -packaging underwear is more beautiful

If you want to get more face when you send love underwear, you can choose a sex lingerie box.This box will pack the underwear more beautiful, romantic and interesting.In this case, gifts will be more willing to accept this gift.

2. Sexy underwear set -multiple choices for you to choose from

Interest underwear suits usually include underwear and underwear corresponding to color and style.If you don’t know what kind of underwear is suitable for your lover, it is a good choice to choose a underwear suit.

3. Lace underwear -cute and sexy

Lace underwear is a type of underwear that is very popular with women.This type of underwear is very cute and sexy in appearance, and at the same time very soft, comfortable and easy to wear.

4. Leather underwear -prepare for sex

Leather underwear is designed for love games.Under the stimulation of sex games, wearing this underwear will make your body more fit and enhance your sexual experience.

5. Stroke underwear -tease your partner’s sensuality

Stroke underwear is a very teasing and sexy underwear type.This underwear is fixed on the body by lacestated, buttons, etc., shows the curve of the body, and teases the sensuality of your partner.

6. Silk underwear -Increases the comfort of the body

Silk underwear is a smooth and comfortable underwear made of noble fabrics such as silk.Wearing silk underwear, you will feel that your body is very comfortable and delicate, which can enhance your confidence and sexy.

7. Nude underwear -exquisite and classic options

Nude underwear is a very classic underwear style, and it is also a very beautiful and artistic underwear.If you want to give your partner a classic and temperamental sexy underwear, then nude underwear is a good choice.

8. Pink underwear -warm and cute

Pink underwear is very cute and warm, usually reminiscent of the feeling of girls.This underwear is a gift that is very suitable for your girlfriend or wife to give you.


The types of sexy underwear are very rich, which can satisfy everyone’s choice and taste.However, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the taste and body size of the receiver, and avoid the embarrassing situation of improper selection.A very good underwear gift needs to be carefully selected and packaged, so as to create a romantic and warm atmosphere, making your love stronger.

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