What kind of restraint of sexy underwear is

What are the restraint of sexy underwear?

1. Handcuffs set

Handcuffs usually include one or two handcuffs, and the matching neck or waist restraint that matches with it can restrain multiple parts at the same time to make the body more adver.Many binding of sexy underwear considered comfort in design, which can adapt to different body shape and body feel.

2. Stockings lace set

Stockings lace suits are usually a set of sexy connection, which can cover the whole body or part of the area. It uses a gentle and elastic fabric to show the sexy and charming of women.

3. Leather restraint set

The leather restraint suite usually has handcuffs, foot handcuffs, and neck load. The use of leather, metal and other materials, the focus is on increasing body restraint and pain, showing the beauty of different forms.

4. Pocal ball set

Pocket ball sets include mouthball and helmet. Pocket balls can control the sound and breathing easier, allowing people to relax the body and emotions, and feel more taste and smell stimulation.

5. Line restraint set

The line restraint kit uses the thin lines such as ropes and bands to restraint the body. In the aesthetic and restraint, it takes into account the comfort and safety.Skills and skills are usually used to use.

6. vibrator set

The vibrator set is used with electric and vibration devices to increase sexy stimulation and strong effects from inside and outside the body.Suitable for friends who like more colorful experience and sex life.

7. Showing suit

The whipping suit uses leather whip, wolf tooth rod, jumping eggs and other means to enhance stimulation and pain to increase stimuli and passion, which usually requires technical and technical mastery.

8. Tight -fitting plastic set

The tight -shaped shaping suit usually uses personal fabrics, such as rubber and polyurethane, for binding, compression and shaping the body, showing a wonderful curve and increasing sexy effect.

9. Invisible set

The stealth set uses the fabric with invisible effects, which is usually used to enhance the beauty of various furry or feather materials.This bondage nature is relatively mild, and it prefers to show the potential sexy aspects of women.

10. Open gear set

The opening set is usually designed in the private parts, so that the body can also maintain the need to stretch and sexual life with convenient body while being restrained.

The above are 10 more common binding erotic lingerie. They not only help the stimulation and integrity of sexual life, but also increase passion and unique sexy, but before enjoying them, ensure your safety and health.The most important thing is to understand the needs and boundaries of yourself and your partner, as well as the boundary between yourself and your partner.

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