What name is good for sex underwear?


Interest underwear is one of the more popular products in recent years, but taking a suitable name is a challenge.A good brand name can not only make customers easy to remember, but also convey the characteristics and positioning of the brand.This article will explore the scope and precautions of interesting underwear to help consumers and companies better choose the brand name.

The basic principle

If you want to take a good name, you need to abide by the following basic principles:

Easy to remember: The name should not be too long, the sound is beautiful, and it is easy to spell.

Simple and powerful: The name is simple and clear, and the core characteristics of the brand are conveyed.

In line with the brand image: the name can represent the image and characteristics of the brand.

Do not infringe on the copyright of others: The name should not be repeated or similar to other brands and products, involving infringement.


Quota underwear products present a variety of colors, styles, styles and other characteristics, so the name of the brand name is also very wide:

Use verbs or adjectives description: for example, "sexy", "temptation", "charm" and so on.

Use brand attributes or characteristics: such as "transparent", "lace", "silk", "low -cut", "back -back" and so on.

Use language ingenuity: for example, named "good chest", "strawberry", "poker cards" and so on.

Using situation description: such as "nightclub", "dance", "sex", "fun" and so on.

Specific operation method

Different methods are suitable for different brands. Combining brand attributes and target consumer groups to formulate naming plans is the best practice of naming.The following are some specific methods for choice:

Geographical name

You can use the city, region, or specific venue as the brand name, which is easier for customers to find, remember and recognize.

Named by the characteristics

Interest underwear has a unique production process. The brand can integrate these craftsmanship into the brand name, expressing the professional and uniqueness of the brand.

Named with brand stories

The brand stories that have been circulating can be used as the name of the brand, which can stimulate customers’ curiosity and memory of the brand.

Brand case

The following is the name of the trademark name of some well -known sexy underwear brands at home and abroad:

Patto: Borrowing English words Body+Angel, a brand name with "My Body is Angel".

Victoria’s Secret: Use female names and "secrets" words to create a mysterious and seductive atmosphere.

Three -color beauty: The color diversity is the main character, Yang Ying endorses, and has become a well -known sexy underwear brand.


In the process of naming, there are some details to pay attention:

The brand name should be unique and not the same or similar to the names of other brands.

The brand name should not be too casual or with any improper factors such as insulting sex and gender discrimination.

Do not use punctuation or other special characters, as well as the naming method of the name or abbreviation.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a very market prospect. Entrepreneurs and manufacturers need to carefully choose the appropriate brand name.Therefore, when naming, we must meet the brand’s characteristics and target consumer groups, and follow the basic naming principles and precautions, so as to take a nice and good brand name that meets the brand image and characteristics.

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