Where is the live -action store in Japan’s sexy underwear?

Where is the live -action store in Japan’s sexy underwear?

Japan’s sexy underwear market is very developed, rich in goods, and preferential prices.If you want to experience and buy sexy underwear in person, you may wish to go to a live shop.So, where is the live -action store in Japan?This article will introduce you to some worthy places.

1. Shinjuku

As one of the most prosperous business districts in Tokyo, Shinjuku has many sexy underwear stores, the most famous of which is the "ア ッ プ ル museum".This store is very famous in Japan and overseas. Its store has a floor area of 400 square meters. It is designed with the theme of sports cars. The clothing style is trendy and fashionable. The price is also very affordable.

2. Akihabara

Akihabara is a area for concentrated on electronic products, but the live -action store here should not be underestimated.Here, you can find popular shops like "Lamour", "Tokyo Style" and "Atelier Aqua".These shops are not operating in large area, but often show the latest and most popular sexy underwear.

3. Shibuya

Shibuya is the capital of Japan’s fashion trend. Many fashionable young people are gathered here. So is there a lot of sexy underwear?really have!For example, "Lingerie Hanabi" is a very charming live shop. The shop not only operates sexy underwear, but also has many clothing related to different themes, which is very special.

4. Osaka

In Osaka, there is a shopping street with the theme of erotic underwear- "Takamate Market".There are many sexy underwear lives here. For sexy underwear enthusiasts, it is definitely a good place for shopping.I believe you can’t imagine how much interesting things can be found here, and the price is very close to the people.

5. Kyoto

If you want to experience the combination of traditional culture and modern culture, then you may wish to come to Pontocho in Kyoto.This alley is occupied by many sexy underwear stores. The store uses traditional Japanese -style buildings as the store, and it is full of creative decoration inside.You can taste Japanese -style snacks here and shop while walking, which is very interesting.

6. Nagoya

In Nagoya, there is a sexy underwear brand named "Kosana".Most of this shop’s clothing has the characteristics of noble, elegant, and sexy. It has a variety of styles. It mainly uses suits and underwear. It is a real -life lingerie store that is very suitable for older women.

7. Chiba

In Chiba, there is a brand live store named "Prima Rosa". The shop is mainly black series, leading the trend in a simple and fashionable style.The staff in the store often guide your purchase with professional opinions and suggestions, making it easier for you to find the most suitable style.

8. Hyogo County

In Hyogo County, there is a sexy underwear called "Melt Heart". With pink as the theme, it has a large number of spring or summer underwear and clothing.The store is aimed at various types of female customers, with diverse styles, especially suitable for women who like gentle, romantic and cute style.


Shopping in Japanese sexy underwear real -life stores can get spiritual enjoyment, and at the same time, you can also fully enjoy a fresh and interesting sexy underwear experience.By visiting these live -action stores, you can not only buy high -quality sexy underwear, but also learn more about culture and trends in this area.No matter what type of customers you are, the shops here will provide you with the best products and services.

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