Why do you want to open up the sexy underwear?

Why do you want to open up the sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that can add fun, becoming one of the popular wearing matching.In sexy underwear, the opening style has become the choice of many women.But why do you want to open up the sexy underwear?Let’s explain in detail below.

1. What is a sexy underwear opening file

Open -file sexy underwear, as the name suggests, is to open one or more small holes on the crotch part to meet specific needs. You can perform various sex activities without taking off your underwear.There are many styles of open -range sexy underwear, such as full -crotch opening, unilateral opening, bilateral opening, etc., to choose from to varying degrees of needs.

2. Prevent from falling off during the wear process

The first role of the opening and fun underwear is naturally convenient for people to perform sexual activities without taking off their underwear.At the same time, compared to the completely sealed underwear in the crotch, the sexy underwear with small holes can better prevent the occurrence of underwear falling off during wearing, thereby increasing the comfort of sex.

3. Increasing sexual stimulus

Another role of the opening and sexy underwear is to increase the stimulus during sex. This is because it exposes the sensitive parts of the body, which is more likely to make people feel stimulus and pleasure.So if you want to increase the stimulus, such sexy underwear is very suitable.

4. Beauty better

Compared with general erotic underwear, another advantage of the opening -up sexy underwear is that it is better aesthetic because it can better show women’s sexy lines and curves.And on some special occasions, such as performances during sex, are everyone’s choice.

5. Meet special needs

For some women, such as during menstruation or suffering from diseases such as diabetes, urinary incontinence, etc., full -crotch sexy underwear will cause them more troubles.At this time, the opening of sexy underwear can meet their needs and allow them to be more free in sexual life.

6. Shooting use

In the case of shooting erotic art photos or music MV, opening -up sexy underwear will also be an important prop, which can better show beauty and get better results.

7. Two -way choice

The design of the open -range sexy underwear can make lovers more convenient and increase the fun of sex in sexual life; however, when there is no sexual activity, you can also use interest underwear as ordinary underwear, which does not affect daily life and work.Therefore, the open -file sexy underwear is a two -way product, and it is a very practical sexual product.

8. Conclusion

In summary, the appearance of the opening -up sexy underwear means that the development of sexy underwear has transformed from simple and beautiful to sexy and practical, allowing people to enjoy more fun from it.Therefore, if you want to add irritation in sex, or if you have other special needs, you can choose the opening of the stall sex underwear.

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