Will JD.com buy sexy underwear?

1 Introduction

Interesting underwear is a special underwear designed specifically for increasing interest, sexy, and sexual interaction between husband and wife.In modern society, buying sex underwear has become the daily consumption behavior of some customers.When buying sexy underwear, do you worry that your purchase behavior will be known by others?If you choose to buy sexy underwear in JD, will your privacy be leaked?This article will discuss this issue.

2. Buy the privacy protection of sexy underwear

The behavior of buying sexy underwear has always attracted much attention.Many customers have the need for privacy protection when buying sexy underwear.Regarding personal privacy, Jingdong Mall naturally also fully considered for this.Jingdong Mall provides very strict privacy protection measures for customers to buy sexy underwear to ensure that the privacy of customers will not be leaked.

3. Secret packaging express

Jingdong Mall provides extremely strict logistics security measures in logistics.No matter which type of product is purchased, Jingdong Mall will take separate seal packaging for express delivery.This means that JD courier cannot know the specific items inside the package.For products such as sexy lingerie, JD.com will also make a special packaging outside the goods to prevent outside personnel from knowing the contents of the inside of the package.

4. Privacy agreement guarantees safe

JD Mall will ask for some personal information when registered with customers, such as names, telephones, addresses, ID card information, etc.In terms of privacy policy, Jingdong Mall clearly stipulates that it will not leak or sell any data related to your personal information.Unless the customer himself agrees or allows relevant laws and regulations, your detailed personal information will always keep confidential.

5. Online payment confidentiality

In the process of shopping at home, payment is also a process that is easy to leak privacy.However, Jingdong Mall pays through a third -party payment platform, which will not cause any privacy leakage.After the payment is completed, the platform will automatically delete your payment information.At the same time, Jingdong Mall has also adopted encryption technology, and various payment transactions will not be saved in the system to escort the privacy of customers.

6. Privacy Protection Certificate

JD Mall was obtained in 2020? "ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification", which also illustrates JD.com’s emphasis on privacy protection.At the same time, users can also understand whether specific products have been verified by privacy security verification through relevant query channels.

7. Privacy guarantee for the comment area

Many customers will check the comments of the product before buying goods. So, will the comment area leak the privacy of the customer for products such as sex underwear?JD Mall also considers such a problem.The comment area of Jingdong Mall is reviewed, and comments involving a certain degree of privacy issues will not be publicly displayed.

8. What to pay attention to when buying sexy underwear needs to be paid attention to

To buy sexy underwear at Jingdong Mall, we need to pay attention to something.The first thing is that we need to ensure whether the sexy lingerie is suitable for ourselves.The sexy lingerie is different, and the applicable population will be different.We must also fully consider our physical characteristics and choose suitable materials and sizes.

9. Conclusion

Jingdong Mall provides adequate privacy protection measures, which not only guarantees the personal privacy of customers, but also guarantees the security of customer personal information.When buying sexy underwear, you don’t have to worry too much about your privacy leak.However, when buying goods, we still have to realize that our demand and selection of the product and the exact adaptability of the choice can avoid some unnecessary trouble.

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