Will my wife take the initiative to buy sexy underwear?

Marriage relationship and sexy underwear

In modern society, the relationship between husband and wife affects the sales of sexy underwear to some extent.Marriage relationship between husband and wife is usually manifested in the intimacy between them.And intimacy is not just sexual life, it also includes emotional connections, the way of interaction in real life, and the degree of trust in each other and the understanding of love.For couples who want to buy sexy underwear, the intimate relationship between them is essential.

Gender and sexy underwear

Gender factors also play a key role in buying sexy underwear.Women usually pay more attention to the style, color and quality of sexy underwear, because wearing sexy underwear can make them feel comfortable, sexy and confident.Men pay more attention to sexual experience and visual stimulus. They usually buy some front -to -back, deep V style and sexy underwear.

Quality and sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, quality is also a factor that cannot be ignored.When choosing sexy underwear, you must not be cheap and sacrifice quality, because poor quality of sexy underwear not only has a great sense of restraint, but also causes problems such as skin allergies.Therefore, choosing good quality of sexy underwear can truly improve their sexy and comfort.

Scenes and sexy underwear

The occasion is an important consideration for buying sexy underwear.For example, if the husband and wife want to travel to a romantic trip, they will choose some sexy, fashionable sexy underwear to increase the romantic atmosphere and sexual experience.On the contrary, comfort and functions are more important in daily life. Therefore, after marriage, couples also need to select sexy and wear materials according to the needs of the occasion when they buy sexy underwear.

Body and sexy underwear

Body is an important factor that needs to be considered before buying sexy underwear.Any erotic underwear needs to choose the correct size according to the size of the body.Excessive or too small underwear will adversely affect the degree of sexy.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, it is necessary to ensure the correct size to make it reflect the best sexy effect.

The psychological effect caused by sexy underwear

Wearing erotic underwear can have a psychological impact on intimacy.For example, the wearing sexy underwear can make women feel more confident and sexy, and men will feel more excited.Wearing sexy underwear, the close connection between husband and wife will also strengthen, so that the sex of the two people is better.

The buying habit of husband and wife

The habit of husband and wife buying sexy underwear is also different.Under normal circumstances, women will become the substantial buyer of underwear, while men will play a role in consulting and suggestions.Women often purchase through the Internet, while men are purchased through physical stores.The running -in between husband and wife takes a certain amount of time. Over time, the degree of understanding and trust with each other will gradually increase.

Communication and sexy underwear between husband and wife

Before buying sexy underwear, communication between husband and wife is also important.If the communication between husband and wife is good, when choosing a sexy underwear, they can choose according to the needs of both parties.For example, choosing husband and wife sex underwear can better meet the interactive needs between the two people.

Value of sex underwear

Sex underwear is of great value for sex life between husband and wife.It can enhance the sexual experience and intimacy between husband and wife, enhance sexual satisfaction, and make the relationship between husband and wife better.

in conclusion

If you want to wear sexy underwear more beautifully between husband and wife, the relationship between husband and wife is essential.The cultivation of husband and wife love requires the efforts of both parties. Through tacit understanding, communication and understanding, the relationship can be deeper and sexual life is better.Therefore, couples usually need to communicate more, learn the needs and preferences of each other, be considerate, care with each other, and enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

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