130 pounds of slightly fat sexy underwear

130 pounds of slightly fat sexy underwear

For women with full figure, choosing a suitable sexy underwear can often play a good role in modifying.130 pounds of micro -fat women also have many places to pay attention to the choice of sexy underwear.

1. Size problem

We all know that the appropriate size is an important factor in ensuring the comfort and effect of sexy underwear.For micro -fat women of about 130 pounds, it is recommended to choose a slightly larger size to ensure the comfort of wearing.

Second, chest problems

The chest shape of slightly fat women is often full, so in the purchase of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the size of the chest cup.Try to use 3/4 cups or whole cups to ensure effective support effects.

Third, tailoring issues

The appropriateness of tailoring directly determines the comfort and fit of sexy underwear.For fat women, it is recommended to choose a close -up style to avoid loose design as much as possible to avoid affecting visual effects and dressing effects.

Fourth, fabric problem

Fabric is an integral part of sexy underwear.For fat women, choosing sexy underwear with a certain elastic material can better modify the shape and reduce the body shape.

Five, color issues

Color is also one of the details that you need to pay attention to in the purchase of sexy underwear.For slightly fat women, light -colored and bright styles are often more suitable, such as pink, light blue or lace and other bright colors such as sexy underwear.

Six, design issues

The design style also has a very important impact on the beauty and wear effect of sexy underwear.For fat women, you can choose V -shaped and U -shaped styles to modify the neck and chest, and the visual effect will be better.

Seven, matching problems

The relationship between underwear and coats is also an issue that needs to be paid attention to.For fat women, you can choose to match loose tops or skirts, especially A -shaped design styles, which can be better thin.

Eight, functional issues

In addition to the aesthetic and wearing effects, sexy underwear also has the effect of health care and modification.Micro -fat women can choose a style with thin waist and shaping effects to play a better body modification effect.

Nine, the problem of wearing skills

Poor quality of erotic underwear can make the wearer feel impermeable and uncomfortable.Micro -fat women can choose to choose breathable and comfortable styles, and pay attention to the posture and skills of wearing to improve the effect of wear.

Ten, confidence problem

In the end, no matter what kind of sexy underwear wearing slightly fat women, they must have a confident and healthy attitude.Interest underwear is one of the way women show their charm, and self -confident temperament is also the most charming figure.

Viewpoint: Choosing the right sexy underwear is not just a simple beauty and sexy, but also meets women’s needs for comfort and body modification.Micro -fat women can choose the most beautiful and confident side according to their own needs, suitable sizes, suitable sizes.

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