Beautiful Girl Comic Infusion Underwear

Beautiful Girl Comic Infusion Underwear


The wearing of characters in beautiful girl comics has always been the focus of fans, especially sexy lingerie.These underwear -style innovations and popular changes in the times are often derived from wearing matching in these comics.

A wide range of styles

The styles of sexy underwear in the beautiful girl comics are rich and colorful, and the forms include as follows:


Cut Out Bodystocking Teddy Bodysuit – 7172




Student installation



Contour and tailor

The sexy underwear design of the soul in the beautiful girl comics is very particular. The outline and tailoring can adjust the figure on the basis of maintaining comfort and aesthetics, and more prominent women’s charm and beauty.

Cutting details

Sexy Lingerie

The cutting details of sexy underwear in the beautiful girl comics are also very beautiful. The lace of light fabrics and lace is common production details, which adds higher technical content to the entire underwear style.

Fabric and color

The fabrics and colors are key in the erotic underwear design in the beautiful girl comics.Pseudo, tulle, and light fabric are very common, and usually use red, black, white, pink and other strong colors to soak in your erotic underwear.

Pattern and decoration

The patterns and decorations of sexy underwear in beautiful girl comics are very important.Luxury details, gorgeous decoration and unique patterns show its European and American style.

Seven -point sleeve wire light perspective set

This underwear suit is made by the jasmine designer series in the comics, which is inspired by the shape of Japanese -style clothing.The exquisite use of translucent silk materials, and the exquisite design embellishes the leading artillery body, so that the entire underwear is close to the female body in terms of visual and overall effects.Body.

Adjustable suspended underwear suits

Due to the favorite and respect of the characters in the characters in many blue beautiful girl comics, this underwear suit uses the blue lace to embellish its overall design.It is a high -end brand. It can also be worn by a soft flower network and exquisite hook ring design plus adjustable suspenders, so that girls with full figure can also wear good -looking effects, and bring great great results in the overall structure.Covering the effect, without affecting the beauty, fully considers the advantages and disadvantages of women’s figure.

Nursing knowledge you need to know

When you have your favorite beautiful girl comics sexy underwear, you need to know its nursing knowledge.There are many ways to clean and protect your underwear to ensure its durability.The best way is to wash it in warm water and neutral detergent to avoid using soft agents and dryers, so as to maintain its original color and shape.

Recommended Brand

There are many brands mentioned in beautiful girl comics. The following are several widely recognized brands:

Beautiful diary

Bertab (Alarm of Angel)


Amsterdam Red Light District

in conclusion

The sexy underwear in the beautiful girl comics is very rich and interesting. Its design and style are innovating and changing every year. On the retaining classic style, it gradually evolves the style and style of personality and the characteristics of the times.As a consumer, choose your favorite one.