Chinese female celebrities pass through sexy underwear

Chinese female celebrities pass through sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is updated, various new styles appear in the market, and more and more women have begun to wear sexy underwear in life.Especially Chinese female stars, their wearing often becomes the focus of public attention.Today, we will introduce you to Chinese female stars through sexy underwear.

1. Costume beauty wearing sexy lingerie

In recent years, the costume of costume dramas, the heroines in the play have crossed time and space, wearing various ancient erotic underwear.From Zhang Jingchu’s white erotic lingerie wearing in "Step by Step", to the black erotic underwear worn by Zhao Liying in "Life and Death Love", we all saw different visual feelings.

2. Fashion Queen wears sexy underwear

The queen of fashion appeared in the latest style of sexy underwear in the first time.For example, Wu Xin, wearing see -through sexy underwear in "Teacher · Good", has caused a lot of amazing.This combination makes her not only a stronger sense of fashion, but also shows her sexy.

3. Girls’ feelings of sexy underwear

In the hearts of the girls, sexy underwear is a more meaningful concept, and more is to express a kind of emotion.Meng Meiqi, wearing a red and sexy underwear in "Cheng Bite Jin", not only shows her beauty, but also exudes a strong sweet atmosphere, which makes people feel refreshed.

4. Charming woman wearing a sexy underwear

The charming women often wear various types of sexy lingerie, such as the pink and sexy underwear wearing Clinique in "Biography of Chu Qiao". The perspective sleeves hang through the sense of penetration and ventilation, more sexy, and show her beautiful curve.

5. Sexy sexy underwear

Sexy sexy underwear is very suitable for women with older age and perfect curves.For example, Pan Yueming’s wife Yu Xiaoguang, a photo of a sexy underwear on Weibo on Weibo, made many netizens call "sexy fried".

6. Color sex underwear

Colorful sexy underwear is more eye -catching, which can increase visual impact.Zhao Liying loved colorful and sexy underwear for a while. Whether it was red, blue, and black, she was very good.

7. Hot erotic underwear

Hot and sexy underwear is also common among actresses.For example, Fan Bingbing, wearing a hot sexy underwear in TV advertisements. Her perfect figure and this seductive design of sexy lingerie are relentlessly.

8. Shirt -type sexy underwear

Shirt -type sexy underwear is the most popular style of women.Although it is sexy underwear, it looks a bit like a shirt and looks very temperamental.Zhao Liying once showed two photos wearing shirt -type sexy underwear on Weibo, making netizens feel this elegant and sexy atmosphere.

9. Lace lace sexy underwear

Lace lace sexy underwear is the most matching style for girls to go out.Wang Ziwen appeared in white transparent sexy lingerie, and the design of lace lace was mouthwatering.

10. Sexy is not the same as exposure

Although female stars are wearing sexy underwear, they have never equated sexy with exposure.Their sexy is hidden inside the dresses and shows a feeling of temperament and literature.This hazy sense makes them beautiful and attractive, so we can’t help but think of the famous saying: the beauty that cannot be worn, and the eyebrows are revealed.

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