Foreign private erotic lingerie model photo


In Europe and the United States, private sex lingerie models often become one of the themes of fashion magazines cover.These models are far more special than the items on the market, and they have a good figure.

Sexy Private Food Dollar

The material of sexy private sexy underwear is usually high -quality lace and silk. Different from other underwear is more special and comfortable to wear.These sexy personal sexy underwear is usually colorful and bright in color.

Camisole pajama

Hanging pajamas are usually thin and unique in style. You can see underwear through pajamas.In the European and American markets, suspender pajamas are often called "sexy dresses".

Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is made on the basis of lace. There are usually many detailed patterns. Unique tailoring can highlight the advantages of women’s figure.Wearing lace sexy underwear can make women a very sexy state.

Ultra -thin sexy sheet

Ultra -thin sex underwear is usually made of lace and silk. It is very lightweight and the quality is very high.This kind of sexy underwear is very suitable for summer wearing, and it will not make the body feel restrained.


Stockings are usually used in conjunction with sexy underwear, which is made of silk or nylon materials.Stockings are very important for women and can make them present a more outstanding image.

Underwear suit

Underwear suits are usually composed of bra and underwear, and have a variety of styles, from sexy models to cute models.This sexy underwear is suitable for the use of couples.

Rest up sexy underwear

Funding sexy underwear is a special form of underwear. Its design uses ropes, chains and other fresh materials together. There is no general raw underwear bra and underwear.This kind of sexy underwear highlights a special sexy atmosphere and unique clothing design.

Leather sex shell

The design of leather sex lingerie is usually sexy. Compared with other types of sexy underwear, leather sex lingerie is more comfortable.Generally, leather sexy underwear is suitable for women who are confident and eager to try novelty.

in conclusion

Private erotic underwear is widely welcomed in Europe and the United States, which not only represents a fashion, but also improves women’s self -confidence and a attitude towards life.In the market, various types of sexy lingerie styles are rich and colorful, and you can always find a style that suits you.

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