How to lose categories in sex underwear shops

How to lose categories in sex underwear shops

Interest underwear is a very popular product in the market today.However, many erotic underwear shops will face some problems when entering the category.Entering the purpose of the class is vital to the development and sales of the store, so it must be handled carefully.In this article, I will introduce how to enter the category of sex underwear shops in detail.

1. Analyze market demand

The division of categories is very important. The price and scale of a buyer of a underwear may be different. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and study the segments divided through market data.

For example, we can find the current most popular appearance and popular elements through Google Trends. Based on this, we can perform more detailed categories, such as "sexy underwear" and "beautiful breast underwear".

2. Supplementary keywords

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In addition to the division of categories, keywords need to be supplemented for each product.

Interesting underwear shops can be set in combination with product characteristics and target -oriented customers, and use more specific keywords, such as "hollow models", "chest enlargement", "transparent lace", "sexy suit", etc.

3. Pay attention to product classification

When entering the category, there is no room for stores and can only use small and fine categories.Do not over -classify, otherwise the products will be scattered, and it is difficult to gather views and purchase volume.

In addition, you must pay attention to choosing suitable categories, such as choosing "pajamas" instead of "women’s clothing" classification.(According to the relevant rules of Amazon seller)

4. Choose the importance of good category purposes

Interest underwear is a special product. If the category is selected properly, it will affect sales.

For example, the classification on the Amazon platform is not properly confused with adult products, and such a classification is easily mistaken for sex/adult products.

5. Pay attention to SEO


SEO (search engine optimization) is a promotion individual, and it is also one of the important ways to increase website traffic.

When entering the category, we must follow the principles of SEO and use some keyword research tools such as Google Adwords and mastering keyword density optimization strategies.

6. Absorb the experience and lesson of competitors

Pay attention to their competitors and understand their categories, selection, pricing, promotion and other situations. They can clarify their differentiation and advantages and avoid market confusion and dispersion.

In addition, you can also learn from the experience and lessons of competitors, summarize some industry experience and use it.

7. Consider the sales channel

Sales channels are to sell products on which platforms or websites.

If sexy underwear shops need to use multiple websites for sales, they must analyze and study the classification requirements of each website, and adjust the underwear category in time in order to better attract target customers.

8. Pay attention to market changes

With the changes in the market, the type and demand of sexy underwear are constantly changing.Therefore, sexy underwear shops must always pay attention to market changes and adjust or update their categories in time.

In general, the input category is an important part of the success of sexy underwear shops.Through in -depth understanding of market demand, supplementing keywords, and paying attention to classified rules and SEO, sexy underwear shops can better select category, sales and marketing, and increase sales and profits.