How to make beautiful women wear sexy underwear

How to make beautiful women wear sexy underwear

Beauty sexy underwear choice

For beautiful women, selective sexy sexy underwear can make themselves more confident and sexy.Therefore, the choice of understanding love underwear is very important.First of all, you should choose underwear that is in line with your figure, so as to better reflect the body curve.Secondly, you need to choose different styles of sexy underwear according to your own personality and temperament.Finally, don’t ignore the comfort of underwear.

How to match sexy underwear

The purpose of erotic underwear is to show sexy and sexy atmosphere, so matching is also very important.Generally speaking, you can choose high heels, stockings or naked belly to make your body more slender and beautiful.In addition, you can also choose some sexy makeup, such as red lips and smoky makeup.

Selection of sexy underwear

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The color of sexy underwear has a very important role in presenting different atmosphere and styles.For example, red can show enthusiasm and sexy, black shows the mystery and temptation, and white looks more fresh and pure.Therefore, in terms of coloring, you need to consider your personality and temperament, as well as the way to get along with your partner.

Fairy underwear fabric and quality

The fabric and quality of sexy underwear are also very important.High -quality fabrics and manufacturing processes can better comfort and protect the skin.In addition, some fabrics have the effects of sexy and tempting, such as silk and lace.Therefore, choosing the fabric and quality that suits you is also one of the important factors to show sexy.

Selection of sexy underwear style

The style of sexy underwear is also one of the factors that affect sexy.Common styles are bikini, sling, corset, T -shaped pants, etc.These styles have different characteristics and applicable scenarios, which need to be selected according to different occasions and personality.

How to clean up the sexy jacket

Washing sex lingerie is more cautious than cleaning ordinary underwear.Generally speaking, you should first understand the precautions on the cleaning label, and then select the cleaning method according to the fabric and style.It is best to wash it by hand to avoid using a washing machine or dryer.

Falling underwear maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear is equally important.After use, dry it in time and place them in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid direct sunlight and humidity.When storing, pay attention to avoid folding or squeezing to maintain the shape and quality of the underwear.

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Applicable occasions of sexy underwear

The application of sexy underwear also needs to be considered.For example, in the occasion of sex, party, performance and other sexy and temptations, you can selectively sexy sexy underwear.In daily life, a comfortable, breathable underwear is also required to meet daily needs.

Skills of sexy underwear

The matching of sexy underwear also requires some skills.For example, when choosing underwear, you need to pay attention to the color, style, fabric and quality. These need to be coordinated with the matching shoes, stockings, makeup, etc., showing the best results.In addition, the matching method can be changed according to different occasions and atmosphere to better express sexy and attractive charm.


Interest underwear is very important for beauties. Choosing the right underwear and matching methods can show their charm and confidence.When choosing and matching, you must choose according to your body, personality and temperament, and present a unique sexy and self -confidence.