I want to buy a sexy underwear with my parents

I want to buy a sexy underwear with my parents


Living with your parents may be a little awkward, especially when you want to buy sexy underwear.However, this should not be in trouble.In this article, I will help you understand how to buy and wear sexy underwear happily when you live with your parents.

Why buy sexy underwear

Sexy underwear can increase your sexy charm and help your sex life more exciting.They can also help you feel more pleasure and fun in your body.If you have decided to buy, then keep your mind, because it is related to your own body, which is not something that needs to be proved by anyone.

Where can I buy sexy sheets

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When you are ready to buy sexy underwear, you can choose online or offline stores.Online stores usually provide more choices and privacy, and physical stores can make you feel real materials and quality.No matter which one you choose, you must ensure that you choose a reputable merchant.

How to judge the appropriate size

Choosing the right size is very important, otherwise your sexy underwear will cause unnecessary pressure and discomfort to the body.First of all, you should measure your body size and bust, and then compare them with the size table of the merchant’s website.If you have any questions about your size, don’t hesitate to ask the merchant.

How to protect privacy

When buying sexy underwear, privacy and confidentiality are very important.If you don’t want your parents to know that you buy sexy underwear and make sure you send them to a private address or send them to the courier station.If you buy an offline store, you need to choose a place, try not to let acquaintances or parents see you in and out.

How to deal with the problem of small size or large size

Sometimes, the size of the merchant may not be able to satisfy your size.If your size is too small or too large, you can try to communicate with the merchant to see if they can customize the appropriate sexy underwear.If you shop online, it is also a wise choice to find the actual feedback and suggestions about the size in the comments part.

How to store sexy underwear in the wardrobe

Sex underwear requires a special way of storage to ensure that their freshness and wearing experience have no damage.Use the desiccant to absorb the moisture and humidity in the closet.Stay the sexy underwear with ordinary underwear.The details and decorations of some sexy underwear are cumbersome, so you need to store and care more carefully.


How to wear sexy underwear

There are skills to wear sexy underwear.Before wearing, you first need to learn the correct method of dressing.The material of lace needs to be handled carefully, don’t pull it, otherwise it will be deformed quickly.When wearing, try to keep the posture naturally to fully display the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

How to communicate with parents

Communication is the best way to solve most problems.If you have a close relationship with your parents and also want to talk about this topic more openly, you can try to communicate.Tell them that sexy underwear is an ordinary choice for adults.If you think they will mind too much, try to avoid letting them see sexy underwear and pay attention to privacy.

How to cope with embarrassment and funny comments

In any case, parents can inevitably comment on, joking or reaction.And they care more about you.Sometimes their comments make you feel a little embarrassed or uncomfortable.However, remember that this is normal, don’t let them affect you, just keep patience and calmness.


The relationship between parents and adult children is delicate and complicated, especially when it involves sexual topics.However, living with your parents cannot stop your freedom and personal choice.Remember to maintain determination, confidence, privacy and respect.