Li brother vomiting Taobao sexy underwear


We live in a world of shopping, and Taobao, as a world -renowned shopping platform, provides us with great shopping convenience.However, what kind of results will we get when we search for Taobao sexy underwear?In this article, I will reveal the truth about the topic of Taobao’s sexy underwear. From the unique perspective of Li Brother, talk about the "dark side" of Taobao’s sex underwear.

Virtual price

For sexy underwear, the price is not only affected by styles and quality, but also affected by factors such as brands and sales channels.On Taobao, some sex underwear without branding, sales channels or even production licenses, but the price is high.These merchants often attract consumers with slogans such as "the same price" and "quality assurance", but in fact you will find that their so -called "quality assurance" is completely false propaganda.

Different size

Another problem of Taobao sex underwear is different sizes.On Taobao, some of the so -called "S, M, L" such as "S, M, L" are different from our common size, and these merchants cannot provide trial -through services, which will cause many customers to buy inappropriate size.In addition, due to the irregular operations of some merchants, some products claim to be a size, but in fact, there are many different sizes and colors to choose from, which will also cause great trouble for consumers.

Quality cannot be guaranteed

For sexy underwear, quality is a very important factor.In order to pursue low cost and high profits, some Taobao merchants may use some inferior materials when producing sexy underwear, which will cause the quality of sex underwear to be guaranteed to be guaranteed, and may even cause harm to the body.Moreover, it is difficult for consumers to find this problem because it cannot be checked on the spot.

Product pictures exist in color difference

When shopping on Taobao, a product photo can often be said to be a "catalyst" for sales.However, in Taobao’s sexy underwear, there is a huge color difference between the product photos and the real objects, which will cause the sexy underwear purchased by consumers is completely different from the photos.Some merchants even deliberately choose the wrong color to promote and sell, which is completely immoral.

Not suitable for various figures

The design of sexy underwear is generally considering women with slender and standard figures, but in fact, not all women have such a figure.Due to the small size of the sexy underwear on Taobao, it is difficult to meet the needs of all consumers.For some full -bodied women, buying some sexy underwear will make them feel very embarrassing and cramped.

Complex and exchange process

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao is much more complicated than other products due to the special nature of the goods.Although many businesses on Taobao have a return and exchange policy, the threshold and processes of this policy are very complicated.Therefore, many consumers often have to endure inappropriate products when they encounter a return and exchange problem.

Logistics speed is slow

Another problem with Taobao sex lingerie is that its logistics speed is slow.In order to pursue low costs, some merchants have chosen some slower logistics methods, which makes consumers wait long.In some cases, especially in emergencies, this may make consumers very troublesome.

Poor sales services

Sales service is a problem that Taobao consumers often complain. For sexy underwear, the poor performance of sales services is even more obvious.On Taobao, in order to earn customers ‘money, some merchants often do some real publicity, and even some businesses know nothing about the products they sell, and they do not respond to customers’ problems in a timely manner.

Overall, Taobao sex underwear needs to strengthen supervision

In the above problems, we can see that after some problems in Taobao’s sexy underwear, we can draw a conclusion. There are indeed some problems in Taobao’s sexy underwear, and it is necessary to supervise and pay attention to it from all aspects.It is hoped that in the near future, the sales environment and personal shopping experience of Taobao sex underwear will continue to improve.

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