Little girlfriend’s sexy underwear

Little girlfriend's sexy underwear

Little girlfriend’s sexy underwear

As a man, a sexy underwear for his girlfriend can not only improve the interaction experience between the two, but also further deepen the relationship between couples.However, for many men, it is not easy to choose a sexy underwear suitable for his girlfriend.Below, we will introduce you how to choose the sexy underwear of a little girlfriend.

1. Understand the characteristics of your girlfriend’s figure

Each woman’s body ratio is different. Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, we must first understand the characteristics of the girlfriend, such as the size of the chest, the waist, and the hips.To choose the right underwear style.

2. Style selection must be decent

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Interest underwear has a variety of styles, but it is necessary to be decent when choosing.For novice men who have just contacted, you can choose some simple and normal styles, such as lace, silk, perspective, etc.For the initial experience of sexy underwear, the exposure of the style is gradually increased to avoid a huge ideological impact on his girlfriend at once.

3. Color matching is important

The color choice of sexy underwear is also very important.Different colors can show the different charm of women.Classic black color sexy underwear is the first choice for many women, while pink is very suitable for chic and cute girls.Red is the best choice for sunlight and cheerful girls.

4. Select the right one

In the process of making sex underwear, the commonly used materials are gauze such as lace and silk.However, when choosing, you also need to pay attention to the appropriateness of the gauze.Low -quality gauze can cause irritation to women’s skin, and too rough materials can affect sleep quality, causing girlfriends to feel uncomfortable when wearing sexy underwear.Therefore, when choosing, you must choose high -quality underwear materials.

5. The size should be accurate

When choosing a sexy underwear, the size is also important.Different brands and different styles may have different size standards.Therefore, to ensure that the accurate size can better show the body’s body advantage and ensure the comfort of wearing.

6. Pay attention to quality

It is not necessarily expensive, but generally good quality sexy underwear is relatively expensive.After all, the quality of women’s underwear and the safety of wearing are very important. Therefore, when choosing a suitable product, quality is an indicator that cannot be ignored.


7. Consider style and reasonable structure

The style of sexy underwear is diverse, and you can choose the right one according to the different figures of his girlfriend.At the same time, the structure of sexy underwear also needs to be considered, especially the fine craftsmanship and reasonable design, which will make girlfriends more confident and beautiful when wearing.

8. Consider application scenarios

The application scenario of sexy underwear also needs to be considered. For example, the wedding anniversary and birthday, most couples will choose to prepare a surprise for the other party in this special day."Scenario" also needs to be considered when considering sexy lingerie styles. The style of sexy lingerie can be divided into division of labor according to the scene, different scenes, different styles.

9. I feel very important

Finally, there is another important indicator, which is your own feeling.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must not only consider your girlfriend’s preferences, but also consider your own feelings.If you don’t have a good opinion of a sexy underwear, you will make your girlfriend feel that he can’t feel his intentions.

10. Viewpoint:

Sending a sexy underwear can not only increase the intimacy between the two people, but also make girls feel the intention of her boyfriend and enhance the feelings between the two.Because a good sexy underwear can not only increase the charm of his girlfriend, but also enhance the taste of the two people, so that the two people go closer and closer.