My birthday boyfriend gives me sexy underwear

My birthday boyfriend gives me sexy underwear

My birthday surprise

My boyfriend has always been a very considerate person. Every year, my birthday he gives me different gifts.But this year’s birthday gift really surprised me -he gave me a beautiful sexy underwear!

Try sexy underwear for the first time

Although I have heard of sexy underwear, I have never worn it.Under the recommendation of my boyfriend, I bravely tried to put on this sexy underwear, which felt very novel and interesting.

Different types of sexy underwear

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I found that sexy underwear includes a variety of different styles and types.The boyfriend explained that some are sexy lace models, some are flirting leather models, and some are cute animals.

Choose the right sexy underwear

My boyfriend told me to consider how many factors need to be considered, including color, styles, fabrics, and dress feelings.The most important thing is to choose a size suitable for your body, so that you can wear comfortable and comfortable to show the best sexy.

Feeling of physical and mental joy

I feel confident after wearing a sexy underwear and feel very charming.This feeling not only made me feel happy, but also made me relax and satisfy my spirit.

Inspired props

In addition to sexy underwear, my boyfriend also gave me some erotic props, such as wrists, eye masks, whip, etc.These props can make us more excited and create a more wonderful sex experience.

Sales of sex underwear

My boyfriend also reminds me that the maintenance of sexy underwear is important.It should be noted that do not use bleaching agents to wash; do not use hot water; hand washing best. If you use a washing machine, choose a gentle mode.


Relaxing tools

Wearing sexy underwear and using sex props can not only stimulate sexual interests, but also help relax and relieve stress.This is another important role of sexy underwear and props.

More in -depth sex experience

By wearing sexy underwear and using sex props, we can create a deeper and unique sexual experience.This not only enriches our sexual life, but also makes our feelings more intimate.

Sex is a wonderful enjoyment

My birthday sexy underwear and props made me discover that sex is not only a physical enjoyment, but also a kind of spiritual pleasure.Sometimes you only need a small detail to make our sex life more passionate and happy.