Novels wearing erotic underwear are being on the bus

Novels wearing erotic underwear are being on the bus

Background introduction

In Japan and other countries, sexy underwear has become a fashion, and many women will be confident after wearing sexy underwear.But in other countries, sexy lingerie has not been widely accepted.However, with the trend of globalization, in some countries and regions, sexy underwear has gradually begun to attract attention.

Novel plot

A young beauty wears a sexy sexy underwear, which is often teased by bad teenagers on a bus and often appears in novels and movies.This kind of plot can resonate with readers. It is purely fiction. Under real circumstances, I believe that most women will not choose to wear sexy underwear in public.

Not suitable for public places

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Although sexy underwear has sexy and unique design styles, due to its explicit features, wearing erotic underwear is not suitable for public places.Sex underwear is suitable for in private places, such as various gatherings, dating and sex games.This can not only show the sexy and beauty of women, but also add interest in private occasions.

affect health

There are some problems with some sexy underwear, especially for menstrual women.Some special styles and materials may have adverse effects on health during use.If you don’t pay attention to choosing styles and materials, it may cause itching and vulvitis in private parts.

Suitable for women with open personality

Wearing erotic underwear requires certain confidence and personality.Only in this way can women accept and appreciate their sexy and beauty from their hearts.Not every woman is suitable for wearing sexy underwear, you need to choose according to your own personality and hobbies.

Need to match the correct clothing

If you want to show the sexy and beauty of women in sexy underwear, you need to match clothing reasonably.For example, high heels, stockings, etc. can increase the overall sexuality.However, you need to pay attention not to be too exposed and exposed when matching, otherwise it may have a counterproductive effect.

Women must choose independently

Women’s body and spirit should be respected and protected, and women should not force women to wear sexy underwear.Each woman has her own personality and aesthetics, and should choose their favorite sexy lingerie styles and materials.Any behavior that violates women’s wishes should be condemned.


in conclusion

Sexy underwear can bring more sexy and beauty to women in private places, but requires women to choose and match reasonable clothing.Wearing erotic underwear in public places may have some adverse consequences, affecting women’s health and dignity.Women should choose according to their own personality and situation, rather than blindly follow the trend or be affected by external pressure.