Police in sexy underwear

Police in sexy underwear


As a special underwear, sexy underwear is recognized and liked by more and more people.Putting on sex underwear can not only show women’s body lines, but also add a stimulus and interest to sexual life.This article will introduce the foreplay of wearing a sexy underwear, hoping to help everyone enjoy the fun life.

Step 1: Choose suitable sexy underwear

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Different figures need different styles. Choosing the right sexy underwear can better highlight your advantages.You can choose a suspender, lace, transparent, three -point style and other styles according to your figure.

Step 2: Create a good atmosphere

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It is important to create a comfortable, warm and romantic atmosphere.You can ignite aromatherapy in the room, play gently music, arrange warm lights, etc., so that the entire room is full of emotions.

Step 3: Dancing or sand table performance

Showing his body in the form of dancing or performance can also stimulate men’s desires.You can dance a sexy dance or perform sand table performances, so that men’s vision and hearing feels challenges.

Step 4: Touch the body lightly

In the case of wearing a sexy underwear, touching the body appropriately can stimulate men’s desires.You can use your fingers, nails, etc. to gently stimulate the skin of men and let them feel the temperature and softness of the body.

Step 5: Oral teasing

Use oral language to tease the desire of both parties.You can speak softly, whispering, or expressing your desires in a direct way, making the atmosphere of both parties warm.

Step 6: Sexual mini game

You can choose some interesting sex games, add interest and trust between husband and wife.You can try pistol games, uniform games, etc. to increase the excitement of both sides.

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Step 7: With the help of sex products

With some sexual products, the two sides love and excitement for sexy underwear.You can use the fun massage sticks, handcuffs, collar and other props to make sex more exciting.

Step 8: Keep confidence and relaxation

During the foreplay of sexy underwear, we must maintain confidence and relaxation.Don’t believe in your own charm and attractiveness because of your body or performance.


In the world of sexy underwear, the foreplay is also a very important part.Through the correct dressing, atmosphere creation, and various tips, the sexy underwear can be more attractive, and it will also make sexual life more interesting and exciting.I hope everyone can try it, find their own fun and happiness in a fun life.