Portar transparent erotic underwear on the street

Portar transparent erotic underwear on the street

Portar transparent erotic underwear on the street

Under the aesthetic concept of modern society, fashion and sexy are no longer a topic of color change. On the contrary, more and more people like to integrate sexy and fashion.Become a new popular trend.How to choose and wear transparent sexy underwear?Let’s introduce it in detail below.

1. Understand the types of love underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, including sexy underwear, adult underwear, European and American underwear, Japanese underwear, etc.And transparent sexy underwear is one of them. Wearing transparent sex underwear can make us show our sexy charm and fashion taste.

2. Choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style

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When choosing the style of transparent sexy underwear, you should decide according to your body and temperament. For example, women with larger chests are suitable for choosing styles with chest pads, while women with small breasts but large hips can choose sexy lace shorts.

Third, grasp the color matching of sexy underwear

When choosing transparent sexy underwear color, you can judge according to your skin color and personal aesthetics.Women with fair skin tone are suitable for choosing light -colored transparent sexy underwear; women with yellowing skin tone should choose transparent sexy underwear with tea colors or warm tones.

4. Pay attention to the quality and details of the underwear

The quality and details of underwear are also places to pay attention to.The fabric of transparent sexy underwear should have enough elasticity and softness to avoid excessive and excessive underwear that can affect physical health.At the same time, details are also important, such as contours, buttons and accessories.

Five, transparent erotic underwear wearing skills

Transparent sexy underwear is very important.You can choose to cover some transparent sexy underwear with long jackets, loose trousers or skirts, such as sexy hollow jackets and silk fabric trousers.

6. Inspiration of potential, try personalized matching

The transparent erotic lingerie has opened a new era of personalized wear for us.We need to explore our own personality and try to create a unique matching style.You can show your personality characteristics through elements such as leather, rivets.

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7. Pay attention to false publicity in the mall

When buying transparent erotic underwear, pay attention to the false publicity of the merchant, and do not be blinded by the publicity of the merchants to avoid suffering from unnecessary scams and property losses.

8. Pay more attention to internal quality

Wearing transparent sexy underwear on the streets can improve personal fashion taste and charm, but paying more attention to internal quality is equally important.Normal cultivation, morality and ideological literacy are the best manifestations of human sexy and charm.

Viewpoint: Wearing transparent erotic lingerie on the streets must pursue both fashion and personality characteristics, but also pay attention to sexy and quality.The improvement of internal quality is the fundamental way out to improve personal charm and fashion taste.