Lianyungang Caoxian Fairy Underwear Factory Recruitment Announcement

In recent years, with the gradual liberation of people’s concepts, the sexy underwear market has gradually expanded.In order to meet the needs of the market, Lianyungang Caoxian Funwee Underwear Factory officially announced the recruitment.

Recruitment condition

1. Between 18-35 years old and healthy.

2. Familiar with sexy underwear -related skills.

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3. Can tolerate long -term work pressure and adapt to overtime work.

4. Those with related work experience are preferred.

Salary and benefits

1. Base salary+commission, with good salary.

2. Enjoy benefits such as national statutory holidays and paid annual leave.

3. Provide accommodation, the company provides employee dormitories, which can be dinner in the company.

Work content

1. Responsible for the production, design and sample development of sexy underwear.

2. Responsible for the modification and production details of sexy underwear.


3. Participate in the design of the photos and publicity schemes of sexy underwear.

Career Development

1. There is a complete career development plan within the company, and there is a lot of room for promotion.

2. The company encourages employees to learn and study, have a comprehensive training and promotion system, and provide various learning opportunities.

working environment

1. The company’s factories have complete equipment and elegant working environment.

2. The company advocates friendship, harmony, enterprising, innovation, and win -win corporate culture, creating a good working atmosphere for employees

Recruitment Process

1. Delivery personal resumes to recruitment mailbox.

2. After passing the initial test, conduct interviews and skills testing.

3. After the interview is qualified, conduct post training.

4. officially joined the job and start working.

Pay attention to the brand image

As a sexy underwear factory, focusing on the brand image is the company’s primary task.We will adhere to the purpose of "quality, service, innovation" and continuously improve the company’s brand image.Join us, will develop with the company to create a better tomorrow!