Send girlfriend birthday gift sex lingerie

Send girlfriend birthday gift sex lingerie

1. Sending fun underwear is a chic birthday gift

Gifts are a way to express mind, which is especially important for girlfriends.As a chic birthday gift, sending affectionate underwear can bring a different surprise experience to his girlfriend.

2. How to choose suitable sexy underwear

When choosing a birthday gift, consider the girlfriend’s preferences and figure.The sexy underwear has a variety of styles, and you should choose according to the girlfriend’s preference.At the same time, pay attention to the size to ensure comfort.

3. Types of sexy underwear

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There are many types of sexy underwear, including a variety of bras, underwear, jackets, slings, stockings, etc.You can buy according to your girlfriend’s preferences and needs.

4. Selection of sex and emotional lingerie

For sexy lingerie, you can choose lace or mesh style. Black -red drivers are usually more tempting.At the same time, we can also consider different themes such as cats, nurses, and police.

5. The choice of lovely underwear

Full -time underwear is suitable for girls who like tender and cute, pink tones.You can choose a dot or wave dot pattern, or the theme of animal themes such as rabbit ears, panda.

6. Selection of sexy underwear materials

The material selection of sexy underwear is also very important. You must choose comfortable fabrics, such as lace and cotton.At the same time, it should also avoid too exposed or difficult to breathe.

7. Can be paired with other gifts

Interest underwear can be used as a birthday gift alone, or other gifts, such as perfumes, jewelry, bouquets, etc.With gifts to enhance the surprise of the entire gift.


8. How to packaged sexy underwear like gifts

The packaging of gifts is also very important. You can choose a simple gift box or flower decoration gift basket.You can also tie a ribbon or bow on the gift to increase the surprise of your girlfriend.

9. What you need to pay attention to when you send sex underwear

Sending sex underwear is a very private thing, to protect the privacy of a girlfriend.At the same time, consider the feelings of girlfriends, and don’t make her feel uncomfortable.

10. Conclusion

Sending sex underwear is a special birthday gift that can bring different kinds of surprises and happiness to girlfriends.When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to your girlfriend’s preferences and figures, and the choice of materials.The packaging of gifts is also important, which can increase the sense of surprise.The most important thing is to protect the privacy of her girlfriend and consider her feelings.