Sex underwear micro -shot

Sex underwear micro -shot


Interesting underwear micro -shooting is a very popular way of consumption in recent years, which covers various styles, styles and designs.They have diverse functions that can enhance self -confidence, enhance charm, and enhance the relationship between husband and wife, and can even be used for gatherings and sex games.This article will introduce some knowledge and precautions about sexy underwear.

1. Know your body size

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is your body size.Choosing the right size can ensure your comfort and beauty.Generally speaking, the size of the sexy underwear may be slightly different from ordinary underwear. It is recommended that you confirm your body size and refer to the size diagram before buying.

Second, choose the right material

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The material of sexy underwear is very important.If you have a specific material preference, you must pay attention when choosing.Some people may be allergic to some stimulating materials for the skin, and they may also have a stronger interest in some special materials.The material depends on your personal preferences and skin characteristics.

Third, understand the purpose of different styles

The types of sexy underwear are very diverse, but they are not all -round, and each style has some specific uses.For example, teasing sexy underwear is suitable for some sex games, and daily wear may feel not comfortable or practical.Therefore, when selecting styles, please consider its purpose and functions carefully.

Fourth, understand all kinds of cup shapes

The shape of a sexy underwear refers to the shape of the bray cup.Different cups can show different visual effects and appearance.The cup shape of the bras generally includes the whole cup, two -thirds of the cup, half cup, one third, a steel ring and no steel ring.Each cup is suitable for different occasions and figures.

5. Important details

When choosing sexy underwear, don’t forget to pay attention to details other than beauty and comfort.For example, the lace process of the underwear, the length of the shoulder straps, the fastening tightness, and so on.These details and design differences make you feel different when wearing.

6. Try various colors and styles

If your previous sexy underwear choices are relatively single, or you want to change your style, then try some new colors and styles.From red, black, white to purple, blue, and green, these colors may bring you different feelings and experiences.The same is true of style, and different styles will show your different charm.

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7. Understand the effects of the front and back lights on both sides

The micro -shooting of sexy underwear is very important in your light setting and shooting angle.Under different lighting effects, underwear has different ways to present.Therefore, pay attention to choosing the right lighting and shooting equipment, and try to shoot on both sides to show sexy underwear from different angles.

8. Choose a photographer who suits you

If you want to shoot sexy underwear on the micro -shooting platform, be sure to choose the photographer who suits you.Photographers’ grasp of shooting technology and scenes can make your shooting better.When choosing, you can make a decision by checking the photographer’s work set and portrait photography experience.

Nine, present your work on the micro -shooting platform

After selecting full -fitness underwear and completing shooting, you can present your work on the micro -shooting platform.Before publishing the work, pay attention to selecting the right platform, filling in the appropriate label, and setting the appropriate price.These will be directly related to whether your work can be seen and followed by more people.

10. Viewpoint

Interest underwear micro -shooting is a very popular way of buying. They have various design and functions that can meet the needs of different people.When choosing, it is recommended that you consider your body size and material preferences, understand different styles and cup shapes, and pay attention to details and photography skills.At the same time, various issues need to be paid attention to in the process of publishing works.Good shooting and presentation methods can make sexy underwear more beautiful and attractive.