Sex underwear Shidis

Sex underwear Shidis

Sex underwear Shidis

Interest underwear usually refers to those underwear that can irritate sex and increase sexual love.And Steus is one of the very popular fabrics.Steel is usually used to make sexual and emotional fun underwear. It has a shiny and soft touch. It is also very humid and breathable.Here are some knowledge about Shi Daisi.

Steus’s history

Steus was initially invented by the French and became popular at the end of the 18th century.Steel is a kind of fine silk fabric, which is thinner, softer and breathable compared to other silk fabrics.Steus was originally used to make clothing and bedding for noble women.Over time, it is used to make underwear and become a popular fabric.At that time, the manufacture of Steus was hand -made, and the cost was very high.At present, Steel’s products have been industrialized, and the price is affordable, and it has become one of the main fabrics of underwear manufacturing.

Slael Types

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According to different processing methods, Steus can be divided into solid -colored Steus, stamp Stei, and dyed Shidis.The solid color Steles comes with an elegant texture.Dye Shi Daisi relies on color emphasis, and after treating the colorful layers of colors, it slows a sense of helplessness of the pretty solid color area and boring.

Steus’s maintenance method

Steus is a very durable fabric, but it also needs special care.Whether it is hand washing or machine washing, Steus should be washed with cold water.Do not use hot water or dryer to dry.For some places where details are difficult to clean, you can choose to clean and dry with a cleaner.

Steus’s sexy feeling

Steci gave a sense of light, soft, gloss, breathable and hygroscopic. It is a commonly used fabric in sexy underwear, which to a large extent to promote the development of sexy underwear.Steel is suitable for wearing on the occasion of fun, which can increase the charming lines of the figure and make you more attractive.

Steus’s style

Steus is a fabric that is very suitable for sexy underwear. It can customize multiple types of styles, such as sexy pajamas, loose robes, short skirts, underwear, lace suits, and so on.Whether it is an adult product shop or a sexy underwear store, Snose’s product is very rich, you can choose the style that suits you.

Steus’s advantages

The wonderful effect of Steel’s material makes you feel more comfortable, relaxed and confident, and can show yourself very naturally in any occasion.Steus can not only be comfortable to wear, but also achieve a more beautiful figure curve and an enviable appearance through proper modification.


Steel’s disadvantage

Of course, Steel also has shortcomings, mainly because its price is higher.Compared to other fabrics, such as cotton and polyester fiber, Steus’s price is about twice as much as possible.However, for those who want to enjoy sexy and luxurious, this additional cost is worth it.

Snile’s wear occasion

Because Steus has a unique lightness, breathability, and excellent softness, it is very suitable for wearing on the occasion of interest.One of the characteristics of sexy underwear is to increase sexual love, while Steus can better reflect sexy and tenderness, giving people a dual enjoyment of visual and touch, making sex more interesting and more exciting.

Snile’s color

In addition, the color of Steus is also very diverse.In addition to basic black and white, it also has a variety of bright and light colors.At this time, it is necessary to consider the factors such as skin tone and personal taste, and choose the color that suits you best.

Snidis’s conclusion

Steus is a very popular fabric that can reflect a unique lightness, breathability and softness, making fashion women feel more sexy and gentle on the occasion.Steel’s products can be selected very rich in style, not only to increase self -confidence, but also show the enviable body curve and charming through appropriate decoration.’

‘In short, Steuse’s good results have a lot of good effects.If you want to show your sexy and increasing sexual fun, Steus will be a very good choice.’