Sex Underwear Show AV MAGNET

Sex Underwear Show AV MAGNET

Sex Underwear Show AV MAGNET


Interest underwear has always been sexy and mysterious representatives. More and more women are also aware of the importance of underwear. Not only does it look more sexy in the outside shawl, but also in private, sexy underwear will bring them more self -confidence to themAnd pleasure.Today, we will take you to understand the Av Magnet of the Love Innerwear Show, a very tempting sexy underwear.

What is av magnet sexy underwear

AV Magnet is a very special sexy underwear with some accessories with magnets, which can make underwear rise to a certain extent.This underwear was launched by Japanese designers and is widely used in sexy underwear shows.This sexy underwear has a wonderful design, but also has a certain effect of self -cultivation, allowing women to better express their figure.

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Design and style

The design of AV Magnet’s sexy underwear is colorful and versatile. Whether it is color or shape, there are many types and a variety of styles.For example, some designers will design the magnetic jewelry as the shape of the flowers. Other magnet accessories may be placed in the middle of the bra. The chest looks full through the magnetic phase suction.In addition, there are many fabrics of this sexy underwear, such as transparent grid yarn or lace, or texture with texture.


In addition to the style, it is also very important to choose a comfortable sexy underwear.In this regard, AV Magnet’s sexy underwear is not inferior.Most of this type of sexy underwear is elastic and has the balance between comfort and sexy.The material is silky, a good sense, and very humid and breathable.Therefore, when wearing AV Magnet’s sexy underwear, it can make the body feel extremely comfortable and make people feel their charm.

Suitable occasion

AV Magnet’s sexy underwear is generally not suitable for daily wear, which is more suitable for sexy occasions, such as sexy underwear shows, or candlelight dinner between couples.In addition, on some selfies or outside, wearing AV Magnet sexy underwear can add more self -confidence and charm to yourself, and improve your sexy index again.

Maintenance method

Because the structure of AV Magnet’s sexy underwear is relatively special, the maintenance method is slightly different from ordinary underwear.Under normal circumstances, this type of underwear needs to be washed by hand and cannot be cleaned with washing machines.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to preventing the magnets from being damaged during cleaning and drying.

Way of matching

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Matching is also very critical.A piece of AV Magnet sexy underwear, how to match it will make you look more amazing.Can be paired with sexy high heels, various small jewelry, etc. These accessories can better supplement and emphasize the visual effects of sexy underwear.

the way of buying

AV Magnet’s sexy underwear is a special sexy underwear, so it is not sold everywhere.You can find suitable underwear in some sex shops or stores specializing in underwear.In addition, you can also find it through some Internet e -commerce platforms.

in conclusion

All in all, AV Magnet’s sexy underwear is a very special sexy underwear, which can not only reflect the sexy charm of women, but also make them feel confident and pleasant when wearing.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only make you sexy, but also enhance your charm and confidence.