Sex underwear trend network map women

Sex underwear trend network map women


With the development of society, people’s demand for sexy underwear has continued to increase, and various new styles of sexy underwear have also emerged.Today, let’s discuss the current sexy underwear trend.

1. Comfortability

When choosing a sexy underwear, women are most concerned about comfort.More and more brands are also aware of this. It has launched more fitting underwear and uses more comfortable materials, such as soft cotton and silk.

2. Simple style

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In the past, sexy underwear was often designed too exaggerated, and now, the simple style has become a trend.Simple design is not only more comfortable, but also relatively easier to match other clothing.

3. Transparent lace

LACE has always been an indispensable element in sexy underwear, and transparent lace has become the current trend.The exposed skin is mixed in the lace element to create a sexy and seductive style.


Large size has become a new trend and has been sought after by more female users.Colors and styles are also more diverse, allowing large -scale users to have more choices in the sex underwear market.

5. Civilian price

In the past, sexy underwear was considered luxury. Although some high -end brands still exist, more and more brands choose to use civilian prices, so that more consumers can easily buy their favorite sexy underwear.

6. Black theme

Black has always been one of the main colors of sexy underwear, and now the black theme has become a fashion trend.Black elements are used in sexy underwear of various styles to create a more mysterious sexy style.

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7. Refer to celebrity wear

As the influence of the celebrities continues to increase, more and more women choose to imitate their wear, introduce the star’s typical sexy lingerie into their own wardrobe to show their beauty.

8. DIY hand -made sex underwear

DIY handicrafts have always been an important element in the fashion industry, and are not exceptioned in the field of sexy underwear.More and more women try their own unique charm.

9. Natural style

The natural style has also become a trend with the changes in the times.The design of sexy underwear is no exception. More and more brands choose to use natural fiber materials to create a healthier natural beauty.

10. Dark -colored khaki porn underwear

The delicate nude color khaki and light -colored sexy underwear have attracted people’s attention. As more and more people tend to dark tones, khaki has become a new trend, and the dark color khaki makes people look more look more.Sale, suitable for the personality of modern women.

in conclusion

Judging from the above trends, the current feeling of women is more light and natural.Whether it is comfort or design style, it pays more attention to the reflection of practicality and personalization. Of course, the price of the price is also the joy of female consumers.