Sexual Fair Instead

Sexual Fair Instead

Sexual Fair Interesting Underwear Shine

The Sexual Expo has always been regarded as a stage for displaying sexual culture, and sexy underwear is one of the important exhibits.Whether it is style or design, the sexy underwear at the sexual expo is enough to make people open.The following will introduce a few popular sexy underwear.

Lace jumpsuit

As a classic style in sexy underwear, lace jumpsuits have been popular.It can wrap the body tightly, highlight the female body curve, and it is also sexy.At the Sexual Expo, major manufacturers have also launched a variety of different lace jumpsuits, some have bellybands, and some are hollowed out.Whether it is Japanese or European and American models, it is impressed by people.

Perspective underwear

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Permanent underwear is a naked and bold style, showing women’s sexy and beauty.At the Sexual Expo, you can see a variety of different perspective underwear, some are made of lace, and some are spliced with acrylic and satin.No matter what kind of design, the perspective underwear has a sexy atmosphere.


Apot -mouth corset is a sexy and interesting sexy underwear.With a whistle on the chest, it can be used to blow whistle, but also highlight the chest.Many artists at the Sexual Expo are involved in the trend of this whistle and corset, which has aroused extensive discussion and attention.

Leopard underwear

Leopard underwear is a wild and sexy sexy underwear. It also presents many different styles at the sexual expo.Some underwear is printed with leopard prints as a whole, and some are printed with leopard patterns on the upper and hem of the shoulder straps.No matter what style, it makes people feel very fashionable and sexy.

Sexy fur vest

Sexy fur vests seem to become sexy in the cold winter.It is made of fur with sequins and decorations on it to make the original vest more noticeable.At the Sexual Expo, this underwear is also a one that has attracted much attention.

Rest up sexy underwear

Rest -binding sexy underwear is a type of height simulation underwear. It uses a real restraint rope structure, so that the wearer seems to be a restrained role.At the Sexual Expo, many artists even tried to try to wear this underwear at the scene to show a very tempting visual effect.


Lazy underwear

Most of the laziness underwear is simple and comfortable, highlighting the laziness and sexy of the wearer.At the Sexual Expo, this underwear is also more fashionable and cute, such as adding a cartoon pattern or a designed hollow acrylic.

Large -scale sexy underwear

In addition to the common small size, there is also a emerging market for large -scale sexy underwear at the sexual expo.These underwear uses soft and comfortable fabrics to create a design full of curve beauty, which also allows them to maintain beauty and confidence in sex culture.

Market prospects

The sexy underwear in the sexual expo shows the dual elements of sexy and beautiful.These styles and designs reflect the ingenuity of the underwear designer, and also bring new concepts and business opportunities to the market.I believe that this kind of sexy products will be accepted and loved by more people in the future.