Sexual underwear bad review Reply

Sexual underwear bad review Reply

The problem of poor evaluation in sexy underwear

When shopping on e -commerce platforms, it is difficult to avoid some returns or bad reviews.As a professional in the sex lingerie industry, I found that many bad reviews were caused by consumers’ unknown of sex underwear itself.The following will list some common bad reviews and explain from a professional perspective.

"Inappropriate size"

Interesting underwear size is often smaller than ordinary clothing. This is because designers will be tailor -made according to human curve and sexy, which makes these underwear more personal and sexy without inducing bad ideas.Therefore, it is recommended that consumers reasonably choose the size according to their physical condition when buying sexy underwear.

"Poor quality"

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Many people think that the quality of sexy underwear is not good. This stems from the dressing method of "one -time" or "exposure". In fact, sexy underwear is very guaranteed in quality. Formal brands will use high -end fabrics to build.Make the product more comfortable, soft, easy to clean, and dye not fade, and are environmentally friendly.Poor quality is caused by bad behavior, counterfeit products and low quality raw materials.

"The price is too expensive"

Many differences in the differences in sexy underwear and ordinary underwear are unreasonable. However, sex underwear not only takes into account the cost of design, fabric, workmanship, but also includes "interest" factor.Factors can make people’s lives richer and interesting, and these cannot be measured by money.In addition, regular sexy underwear brands will provide quality assurance and after -sales service, making consumers more confident.


The design of sexy underwear focuses more on visual effects and sexy, but it will also take into account the comfort of wearing.When buying sexy underwear, consumers should choose the styles and fabrics that suits them according to their physical conditions and personal needs to avoid uncomfortable problems caused by inappropriateness.

"Color and pictures do not match"

When buying online, because the screen color effect is unstable, the picture that consumers can see may be different from the real thing.It is recommended that consumers pay attention to the color description and size icon of the product details when buying to better understand the actual situation of the product.

"The style is too exposed"

The original intention of sexy underwear design is to make people feel sexy and interesting, but it is not to make people feel too exposed or cause other people’s resentment.When choosing, consumers should pay attention to whether the style of sex underwear is suitable for their bodies and needs, and try to avoid excessive exposure and cause embarrassment.


"Can’t wear out"

Interesting underwear is not necessarily just dating or dresses on the bed. If the sexy underwear is in proper quality and decent style, you can also go out and become part of a bar and daily life.However, when choosing, consumers should pay attention to choosing styles that are suitable for themselves, such as clever routines, special details design, etc., making sexy underwear more fashion props.

"Lack of goods and damage"

After receiving the goods, consumers should check whether the product is intact or damaged in time. If the product is found to be lacking or damaged, the merchant should be contacted in time to choose to return or replace it.Formal sex lingerie brands will have sound after -sales services to protect consumer rights.


Although the bad reviews make the sexy underwear brand concerns, the poor reviews of consumers can also help the brand better improve the quality of products and after -sales service.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, consumers should fully understand the knowledge and purchase process of the product itself, and enhance the transparency and reliability of transactions.