Sexual underwear field telling

Sexual underwear field telling

Sexual underwear field telling

Interest underwear can bring a variety of fun and feelings, and its effect in the field is even more unforgettable.

Outdoor atmosphere

The erotic underwear in the field of field combat is more likely to cause the impulse and passion.In the atmosphere of nature, you can combine your comfort and stimulus of your partner, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Portable style

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When you spend your time outdoors with your partner, you usually have less space to store items.Choosing a favorite underwear for portable styles can be more convenient to store it in a packets that are carried, and it will not take up too much space.

Sweat absorption and breathable function

Choose a sexy underwear with good sweat -absorbing function, which can be worn more comfortably in outdoor activities.Such underwear usually uses thin, hygroscopic and sweating fabrics, so that you still have a good dressing experience in sweat and hot environment.

Sexy and durable

Although from the perspective of practicality and comfort, sexy underwear needs to have good functions, but in outdoor field, better sexy effects are also required.Many sexy lingerie styles are advanced, with sexy appearance. At the same time, they have good durability and can withstand friction and collision of outdoor sports and activities.

Easy to clean

In outdoor activities, sexy underwear will face the test of various life scenes.It is very important for easy -to -clean and fast -drying sexy lingerie styles. This is not only convenient to clean up Lenovo and stains that are difficult to wash off, but also maintain the hygiene and dryness of underwear.

Various styles and colors

Different emotions require different experiences, and the choice of style and color is of great significance.Pink, red and black are the most common sexy underwear colors.Secondly, colorful, transparent and hollow styles are also popular choices.

Nipple Tassels

Brand selection

By choosing the sexy underwear of the known brand, you can buy products with high -quality materials and good tailoring, and the sexy underwear of these brands will be more in line with ergonomic design, making you feel more comfortable when wearing.

Personal preferences

In the end, what kind of erotic underwear to choose depends on your and your partner’s personal preference.Sex underwear makes sex more interesting, exciting and enjoyable.Therefore, it is best to try some new sexy underwear so that the one that suits you best.

in conclusion

Outdoor love fields are one of the more exciting experience models in fun life.Of course, while enjoying the field, we must also pay attention to safety and avoid danger.