Sexual underwear’s nickname and elegant name

Sexual underwear's nickname and elegant name


Interest underwear is one of the important tools for modern women to show their sexy and charm. As a multifunctional female underwear, sexy underwear has different nicknames and elegant names in different cultures and countries.This article will introduce you to the alias and elegance of sexy underwear in different cultures, and bring you the wonderful charm of different cultures.

The United States: Sexy underwear and Burlesque clothing

In the United States, there are two main names and elegances of sexy underwear. The first is "sexy underwear". It is usually associated with sexy and charm. It is an indispensable part of modern female wardrobes.The other is "Burlesque Clothing". Burlesque began in the 1930s. It is an art form characterized by funny performances and sexy styles. It is still widely loved today.

Japan: Uniform temptation and sexy rabbit girl

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In Japan, the nicknames and elegance of sexy underwear include "uniform temptation" and "sexy rabbit girls". These two underwear styles focus on revealing women’s sexy and charming qualities.Uniform temptation usually focuses on cute and playful style, while sexy rabbit girls focus on sexy and charming.

China: Sex underwear and European and American underwear

In China, the nicknames and elegances of sexy underwear are mainly "sexy underwear" and "European and American underwear".Sexy underwear emphasizes the sexy and charm of women, which is more popular in China, especially in special festivals such as Valentine’s Day.European and American underwear is known for its high quality, advanced and elegant quality.

South Korea: lace underwear and swimsuit underwear

In South Korea, there are "lace underwear" and "swimwear underwear" in sexy underwear.The "lace underwear" is characterized by lace materials, which is rich in women’s rigidity and good beauty.The "swimsuit underwear" is characterized by the appearance design style of the swimsuit, which is suitable for summer wearing, making women more fashionable and sexy.

Europe: lace underwear and Berrey underwear

In Europe, the names and elegance of sexy underwear include "lace underwear" and "Berrey underwear". European sexy underwear is sought after with its high -grade materials and elegant designs.Lace underwear is usually one of the most representative products of European brands, while Berrey underwear is a brand focusing on female sexy charm.

Antarctica: How could there be another and elegant name?

Yes, as one of the smallest people in the world, Antarctica does not have the names and elegance of the sex underwear.

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Africa: indigenous clothing and printed underwear

In Africa, the nicknames and elegance of sexy underwear include "indigenous clothing" and "printed underwear".Indigenous clothing is usually associated with the traditional African style, while the print underwear focuses on the beauty and texture of the print pattern.

Asia: stockings suite and chest sticker underwear

In Asia, the names and elegance of sexy underwear include "stockings suits" and "chest sticker underwear".Stockings suits are usually composed of underwear and stockings, which are very sexy in line with the aesthetic requirements of Asian women.The chest sticker underwear focuses on making women’s breasts more plump and sexy.

Middle East: Safe pants and veil under Islamic regulations

In the Middle East, due to religious and cultural reasons, interest underwear is not popular, and some areas are even illegal.However, some women still wear "security pants" to protect themselves. Under the Islamic system, this approach is recognized.At the same time, some women will wear veils to protect their body part.

India: Lotus underwear and Shali

In India, the names and elegance of sexy underwear include "lotus underwear" and "Shali". Lotus underwear is usually composed of elegant prints and high -grade fabrics, which is very suitable for Indian women’s aesthetic and cultural needs.Shali focuses on covering her body and maintaining an elegant attitude.

in conclusion

In the global sexy underwear market, the names and elegance of sexy underwear are diverse, and each culture and country have their own unique styles and characteristics.Regardless of what is called and Ya said, sexy underwear is a necessary choice for modern women to show off beauty and show charm.