Sexy lingerie clothing processing

Sexy lingerie clothing processing

Interest underwear is a specially designed female underwear. It can show the sexy and charm of women outside the outside, which has become an important part of women’s fashion.However, from raw materials to the overall processing process, it is very complicated to promote the formation of sexy underwear formed.This article will introduce the processing process of sexy underwear.

1. The choice of raw materials

The raw materials of sexy underwear should be soft, comfortable, breathable, flexible, and elastic.Common raw materials include silk, cotton, elastic fiber, lace, mesh, metal decoration, velvet, etc.

2. Cutting

Cutting is one of the primary processes of sexy underwear. It needs to be operated according to the design drawings. According to the characteristics of different underwear styles and fabrics, different tailoring techniques will be adopted.

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3. Design processing

During the design processing process, sexy underwear needs to be meticulously measured to ensure the perfect performance of its personal degree and comfort.If so, you need to perform underwear, underwear lining, chest stickers and other treatment methods.

4. Sewing

The sewing process is the core link of the overall processing of the sexy underwear. This requires the use of production line equipment to achieve it. The professional sewing thread is used to suture different fabrics according to the shape and size, and the underwear style is finally formed.

5. Configuration

The unsolvable underwear will be prone to open lines. In order to prevent this, sexy underwear needs to be treated with edges. This usually takes the method of setting the edge of the fabric to use a special method for treatment.

6. Printing

Printing is a technology that prints patterns on underwear through dyes. Usually, it uses silk printing and digital printing. This technology can express sex underwear more brilliantly.

7. Point embroidery

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Point embroidery refers to the treatment of knitting technology on the surface of the underwear. This technology is very suitable for sexy underwear. This is a combination of manual weaving techniques and modern technology.

8. Packing

The success of sexy underwear is not just the good quality of the product itself. The exquisite packaging is also crucial.The packaging of sexy underwear usually uses high -end carton, film bags, etc. to show its sexy and beauty.

9. Detection

The production of sexy underwear is not just to complete every link in the craft chain with a machine, but also needs to be tested by the finished product.This is very important in the production of high -quality sexy underwear. The created sexy underwear needs to be checked to ensure that its quality meets the requirements.

10. Promotion

It is very important to promote more consumers to understand love underwear and be willing to buy it.Marketing methods such as traditional graphic advertising, TV advertising or underground advertising can be used. You can also use social networks and e -commerce platforms to promote sex underwear.

Generally speaking, sexy underwear has been manufactured by such a complex production process, but this underwear also has its own independent characteristics, allowing women to be more confident and beautiful when wearing erotic underwear.