Sexy lingerie Cutting picture Daquan

Sexy lingerie Cutting picture Daquan

Sexy lingerie Cutting picture Daquan

Interest underwear is a direct dress that women are directly related to love and sex. It can not only show the beauty and sexy of women, but also allow women to show unique personality and charm. Therefore, sales in the market have been high.Cutting is a key link to determine whether sexy underwear is fitted and beautiful.In this article, we will present the ease of the cutting pictures of sexy underwear to help everyone better understand the style and cutting techniques of love underwear.

The first part: corset style

The corset is one of the important styles of sexy underwear, and its different forms of cutting can meet the needs of different women.The following are different corset styles:

Tight corset:

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This is a basic corset. Its size measurement method is the same as ordinary bras, but it is more tight and close.Its cutting method is similar to the swimsuit. It is composed of triangular cups and a bust, which is common in the basic series of sexy underwear.

Open a cup:

This is a more sexy corset style. Different from tight corsets, it only has the supporting part of the chest. The half -covered cup is more suitable for fun panties.

Part 2: Stockings Style

Stockings are the most common accessories with sexy underwear. Its material, length, pattern, etc. will affect the matching effect of sexy underwear. The following are several different stockings styles:

Linglong stockings:

This is a stockings consisting of many small petals. It is very suitable for lace -categorian sexy underwear. It can visually increase the layered and three -dimensional sense of sexy underwear.

Diffra Stockings:

This is a stockings that imitate high heels, which can effectively modify the shape of the calf, and its diversity is also its characteristic.It is different in length and can be matched with various styles of sexy underwear.

Sexy Costumes

Part II

Interest underwear is also very important in the matching of sexy underwear. Different shapes and cutting methods can meet the needs of different ass types. The following are several different sexy panties styles:

Tube top pants:

This is a kind of sexy pants style that is particularly suitable for women with full hips. Its cutting method is similar to T -shaped pants, but it does not have restraint and oppression. It is a very natural choice.

Bib short:

This is a very simple panties with pants, which is composed of a strap, which is suitable for wearing in intimate relationships.Its simplicity makes it suitable for various types.

Part 4: Fun Underwear Set

The sexy underwear suit is made of a variety of erotic underwear. Choosing a classic and fitted suit allows you to find the sexy underwear that suits you best on your body.The following are several classic sexy underwear suits:

Hollow set:

This is a sexy underwear suit that is very suitable for sliming or wearing alone.It has many hollow patterns on its fabric, which is very suitable for women with protruding abdomen, which can effectively modify the abdomen curve.

Lace set:

This is a sexy underwear suit that almost every woman will choose. Its cutting method is similar to ordinary bras, but its fabric uses very conspicuous lace to make the overall effect more charming.

Part 5: Fun underwear auxiliary appliances

Interest underwear auxiliary appliances can not only help women shape the perfect figure, but also increase the matching effect of sexy underwear. The following are several common sexy underwear auxiliary appliances:

A chest pad:

This is a transparent small chest pad that can help women plump their breasts and make their chest look more upright and stylish.

Shoulder strap:

This is a shoulder strap used with different erotic underwear and coats.Its style is very rich, from simple black and white to gorgeous decoration.


In the selection and matching of sexy underwear, cutting is a very important link.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose the most suitable method of cutting your own personality and aesthetics according to your body, skin texture and personality.I hope this article will be helpful for everyone to buy and choose sexy underwear.